New Career, New Life, New Habits!

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It's been a few weeks now since I started the new gig and like I've mentioned a few times already....It's pretty much a dream come true!

I'm going for a total transformation here because with this job and the fact that it's with my church, I'm going to be having a lot of face to face encounters with people.

And nothing really changes in my approach because I've been talking about this for decades when it came to my online business...The absolute best 'marketing strategy' in history is to become a product of your product!

Dying to self daily and putting absolutely every single person I meet first, will be the mission. It'm my ministry and if I'm to represent my Lord and Saviour as well as the church....I better start practicing what I preach.

So a few things have changed for me.....

The biggest being it's been 3 weeks now without eating any meat. Which is actually something I did quite easily a few years ago. But this time it's for more reasons than....Just losing weight.

It's biblical (Genesis 1:29).

The diet we see in the garden of Eden was essentially fruit and nuts...And after the fall we see vegetable introduced (Genesis 3:18). And yes, I completely understand there are clean and unclean meats. So I'm not 'not' eating meat for the rest of my life. I'm just trying to follow God's original diet and see how it goes.

(A quite look at my meals and snacks over the next few days lol)

But another reason is of course, health related. I'm still over weight (300 lbs at the current time in my life). I'm still diabetic. And I'm still at risk for so much if I don't take care of this now. And after seeing my good friend @ericburgoyne pass away last week, something stirred me up to take this stuff much more serious.

Along with that, I plan to keep my steps as high as possible each and every day....

I've been using @actifit for years on the @jonolsonproject account, and have every intention to keep that going. And today was the first time in months, I hit over 10,000 steps.

The plan is.....Keep this up!! Hopefully people hold me accountable lol

But also, becoming absolutely dedicated to my new career. It started 3 weeks ago, and today was my first taste of what the job will actually be. These first few weeks was me getting the hang of things, but now the fun really starts :)

I want to add a ton of value to the customers that I will see each day and in a small way, help them on their walk with God. Proving literature, quality health foods and a prayer or two along the way :)

If you can't already tell.....I'm slightly excited for my new life!

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Good on you my friend. Keep up the good work both in helping others as you can and also taking care of yourself. Much love

Thanks bro. It's been a crazy few years for my family, things finally got sorted. Now I just feel like I need to help as many people as I can with this new job.

Living healthily is something we should always care about and I’m glad that you are making those moves already
I wish you goodluck

I agrre, Living healthily is important, I understand only now, ate age of 50

We daily learn and learn new things daily that makes us a better person

How beautiful to read this, when we love God OS his commandments and worry about doing everything to maintain that communion, so I hope that in this new life that fire will continue to be stoked and you can achieve your goals.

By the way I had to go to my bible and read genesis and was intrigued by the fact that God gave seeds to the first inhabitants.

You can do it! Hit 10,000 steps again tomorrow, even if you have to walk around your room in circles.

All the best to you on your new work path!

It is definitely an important thing that we take care of ourselves, as we guide and take care of others.


I'm happy for you.
For this step toward healthy living, it's good to always prioritise our health. Our body we thank us in the long run.
You seem excited about your new job, I pray you make all the impact you desire for.

Appreciate that, thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!

Good luck for your new job. Healthy eating for healthy life style is always good, as and when we get aged.

It will be good for you to have a healthy weight mate then.

Keep being yourself and been kind to people around you. It surely pays

Nice to hear about the new healthy way! I know how difficult this transition is, and I congratulate you! On the other hand... God did not bottle the water. Why do you need this in Canada? you have healthy water running on the tap and from the springs...

That's how it goes most times when you do what you love. Very happy about this situation report. More elbows to you friend.

It's a good thing you are priotizing your health and you will see the effects soon. It's also good to hear you are happy at your job. I wish you the best in all your endeavours. Thanks for writing and have a great day.

Little steps. Starting is what matters, and then consistency is key! Good luck on those health goals!

Nuts are the awesomest! Love em.

Keep it up my brother. Love to see th goals. I’m back to hitting steps again too. !PIZZA

Nice job. Health is very important.

Are you walking a lot during your job or are you walking the remainder after your work?

Wait, I met @ericburgoyne a few times on threads, did you mean he kicked the bucket? 😢😥

It is very positive that you are taking care of your health. You know the saying "mens sana in corpore sana"

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Good luck brother! Didn’t know Eric died. That’s some sad stuff.

But yeah, the whole health thing is what my homestead farm is all about, but can’t say I am not eating meat, lol. But hey, at least the meat I have been eating is either eggs my hens provide, or from the deer that nature provided… Well walked in the path of my shotgun that is, haha.

Other than that it’s been rice, beans, greens, and fruit. With farm work, it’s not been really losing but changing and rebuilding my mass, lol. 😂

Anyway, glad you love the new job.

Keep it up, health is the most important thing.
Take care of yourself.


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Nice job on your health journey. I wish you well. I had a friend several years ago have a heart attack at 47. That really spurred me towards getting healthier. Now I am 47 and although I can't say I am any skinnier, I do feel healthier.


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