Bought 2 PURE Axies today! I am finally getting closer to my dream team!

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If you guys have been following my blog posts about my Axie journey, you'll know that exactly last June 15, 2021 I have started my Axie journey.

After 14 days of playing, I did my first cash-out in the game to which I already got half of my initial investment back. After another 14 days of playing, did my 2nd cash-out to which I fully gotten my full initial investment back and bought myself the MOST EXPENSIVE SINGLE NFT I HAVE EVER BOUGHT, and it was a PURE VIRGIN AQUA AXIE which cost me $950.

And another 14 days after, I did my 3rd cashout to which I got close to $750 USD which would have been my FIRST PROFIT in the game if not for the fact that I suffered a humiliating lose streak on Arena yesterday to which prompted me today to finally buy 2 Excellent Axies that will get me closer to my dream Axie team in hopes to trample those guys that humiliated me yesterday LOL.

And ta~dahhhhhh, finally bought 2 of them. This two did cost me a shy $1400 USD in total.


I have to thank the SPS Airdrop for this though as it did help me fill up the $650 I lack to buy both of them.

And yeah, this would mean again that I have to cash out again $650 on my next cash out to get back this investment of mine. Lol I am quite confident though that within the next cash out which is in the next 11 days, I would be able to get it back immediately.

Anyways, let me just flex the two Axies that I bought:

This one is again another PURE AQUA VIRGIN. The main reason why I bought another Pure Aqua is so that I could finally start breeding. Btw, I don't have any plans on getting scholars as I am just not trusting to anyone (sorry). My goal though is to increase my energy to 60 a day and I think the most efficient and less expensive way to do this is through breeding.

If you look at it's card skills you'll notice that it's mostly about SPEED+ and ATTACK. The reason being is that my other PURE Aqua already has the NIMO/TailSlap ability so I'm hoping that the breeded one would be another PURE Aqua with NIMO and 3 of the skills of this one.


As to the other one, it is a PLANT PURE VIRGIN AXIE.

I've been complaining to much of my Plant Axie before because it doesn't have Pumpkin and it wasn't even close to being a Pure one. Hopefully, this Plant Axie I bought today would be a good addition to my team.

The reason why I bought this one is mainly for the PUMPKIN skill but it was great that this one also has a CARROT too. What a catch right?!


Next goal is for me to Breed my PURE AQUA AXIES and probably to buy another PURE PLANT AXIE to Breed Plants too. Of course, getting my $650 is my first priority. XD


Congratulations on your new purchase! My Aqua is exactly the same as what you posted. I'm actually having fun playing axie now. Thanks for inspiring me hehe.

Though my main problem now are the Terminator Reptiles, such a hassle to fight using an AAP build. Just gotta pray that you crit or get more energy than them hehehe.

Keep on grinding!

Though my main problem now are the Terminator Reptiles, such a hassle to fight using an AAP build. Just gotta pray that you crit or get more energy than them hehehe.

Sameeeeeeeeee here! LOL I am now even at that point when I see my opponent has uses a Terminator Axie I just surrenders on Round 5. Lol Even with 2 Fully healthy Axie against 1 Termi, I just can't seem to win. But other than that, under any other teams I have a very high chance of winning now. It's just that I can't win with Terminatorssss.

Gahddd I hate them. Lol

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Hahahaha, the only time I win versus Terminators is when they get disconnected or our attacks magically CRIT.
That's what I like about Aquas they eat beasts and birds if the timing is right.

Happy Gaming!

Wowzers. This is so cool! I wouldn't want to meet you in the arena. Im also planning to change our plant axie as it's not the best tank you'll hope to get. Maybe next payout.

Congrats on your new axies!

Thank You! And so far the Axies I bought has been worth it. I am now able to get more Arena wins compared to before.

My problem now though is whenever I am up against a Reptile Axie especially with with Stuns/Anesthetic something skill, most often than not I lose. Lol

Almost all of my loses in Arena are because of those Axies. It's kinda frustrating. Grrr! Still I am now able to get at least 12-15 wins a day from Arena. I even got a 17 win out of 20 2 days ago. XD

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Congratz on your purchase!

But if you plan to do breeding, you should show us the genes.

Let us know what to expect. 😄

Ohh yeahh the genes. What site was that again that gives us the GENES for Axies. I preffered that rather than the extension I found somewhere. xD

I did breed 3 times by the way. Would make another post about it once it hatch. XD

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It's actually a chrome extension and it adds the genes to your Axies on site. Just instal it and hover over "Stats" to reveal their genes. Also works on the marketplace but it is somewhat slow to load so you'll have to have some patience.

Thanks! Downloaded it and it seems mine is really not 100% Pure.

Hopefully the Dominant Genes would dominate on the hatched Axie. I'm hoping for NIMO/GOLDFISH/KOI and for the last one (not really a priority) SHOAL STAR



I'd be scared of the R1 on the second fish.

Here's to hoping they don't mutate like crazy.


You are killing it with Axie, I am following closely.