I am now getting ~$2USD per Arena Win!!!! Woohoo!

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What game?! Well it's none other than AXIE INFINITY again. XD

Despite the ongoing server issues the game has been facing for over a week now, I still can't help myself but be surprised as to how the prices of SLP and Axies were still double the value than when I started getting into this game which by the way wasn't even that long.

I started playing exactly 37 days ago and back then the price of SLP were only around $0.13 with the cheapest Axie in the marketplace at ~$120 USD. Now, despite the almost 1-week+ the game has been close to unplayable, current SLP price is at a high with $0.28 USD current value with the cheapest Axie at $244 USD.

Again, wayyyy higher than when I started playing this game and with the game being close to unplayable for a week now. I could just imagine what the prices would be if everyone can play smoothly. Insanee!

Anyways, what I wanna talk about on this post (or brag in this case) is that I am now getting 7 SLP's per Arena matched won! Woohoooo!

Screenshot_20210716-210759_Axie Infinity.jpg

How much is 7SLP?! Well according to Uniswap, it's at $1.92 USD!!! Pretty cool right?! XD


Truth be told, I've never imagined something like this would ever happen. A game where one could easily win $2 for a battle that could end as long as 5 minutes. Lol

And I have this sweet baby of mine to thank for:


As some of you might already know, a week ago when I did my 2nd cashout (after getting out my initial investment in the game), I've purchase 1 PURE VIRGIN AQUA AXIE with the following skills as above.

Prices at that time were crazily high, so I have bought the one above at $950 USD which was just my SLP earning from the game anyway so I don't mind spending that much on the game too.

Honestly, I now think I might have paid for it wayyy too much as I thought the 'Aquaponics' skill would give give a heal for every Aqua part the Axie has. Turns out, it's only for an Anemone part which in this Axie's case is only one so I am only getting 50HP per Aquaponic card.

What I paid heavily for the Axie above though was it's TailSlap card skill which btw helped me to climb my way up from the leaderboard from the 900 rating to now 1100+ rating which is now giving me 7 SLP per win.

As to how much 900+ rating gives a player for every Arena win, well it's only 1 SLP or $0.28 USD. Still not bad though! XD

Screenshot_20210709-092110_Axie Infinity.jpg

So yeah, even with my 2 very weak Axies on my team, that PURE AQUA I bought last week really made a huge difference on my earnings as I am now able to get an additional 50 SLP on Arena which is like 1500 SLP per month or $420 USD. Insanee right?!

So yeah, was definitely worth it. XD

My next goal is to purchase another PURE AQUA or a PURE PLANT AXIE once I will be able to cash out again in the game which would be on the 27th of this month. XD


Maybe I would be able to increase my rating enough to get 10 SLP per win once I have 2 good Axies of my choice. XD At the moment, except for the pure Axie I bought last week, the two others are 'meh'. Both of them have like 2 useless card skills which makes most of my Arena matches atm more of a 'draw of luck' game rather than a 'strategy' kind of game.

Once I get 3 very good Axies, at that time I probably would start cashing out for my personal use. Maybe buy myself more PRIMOGEMS on Genshin Impact to get every 5-star character and 5-star weapon they release. Lol Or maybe buy myself $1000 worth of Land Plots in Splinterlands. Heh!

But yeah, hopefully this price holds and continues for a long time. Fortunately for me, I already gotten back my initial investment so I don't have to worry about any any loses but the profits I could really make in this game might help me in my other crypto investments like Splinterlands and MOBOX.


Congratulation on increasing your mmr! I dread pure aquas on pvp a lot. They have tons of damage, sustain, hp and even energy generation. Too bad your aqua lacks another anemone part otherwise it will be really hard to kill with a few cards.

Thanks! And yeah, when I bought it I might have misunderstood what the card skills says. I thought it was +50 HP for every Anemone attack card you use (like if I use 2 Anemone cards on that round, it would give me 2 +100 HP). Looking at it now, I should have bought an Axie with 2 Anemones to give it +100 HP per attack. It would really be hard to kill.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Nice! Yesterday was the first day I could grind after a week of server misery. Feels freakin amazing to stack $30+ per day in a few hours as a scholar... Good stuff

Wow, looking good! 7SLP per arena win is really gonna add up nicely. Skill set really matters.
Good luck on the future plans for the game!

Thank You! Skill set do matters but surprisingly equally LUCK also.
Just yesterday, I suffered 3 loses just because on the last round I pulled 2 NIMOs(Tailslap). I would have won those 3 matches if it was any other card but I just have to pull 2 nimos in the last round.. Arghhh thinking about it pisses me off. Lol