It's Woo-Hoo time! My First 3 Egg Axies! So expensive T_T

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Yep! I have finally tried Breeding this week.

I have been meaning to try this one for quite some time now and fortunately after a day after I bought my 2 Pure Axies a week ago, I still have enough extra money to buy myself 12 AXS and 1800 SLP which is good for 3 Breedings.

Heh Crazy Me!

Screenshot 2021-07-30 185325.png

I have to say first though that Breeding really is so bloody expensive.

I have bought 1800 SLP's at around $0.20 price so that's around $360 USD. I also have bought 12 AXS at ~$40 so that's another $480 USD.

In total, the total estimated cost in USD for breeding three times costed me $840 USD!!! Wahh insane! I must be crazy

And to make it more crazy, depositing ETH to my Metamask takes around $20 gas fee and then converting ETH to SLP costed me another $15 gas fee same for converting my ETH to AXS at uniswap which is another $15 gas fee.

And then it doesn't stop there, depositing the converted SLP to my Ronin takes another $20 and the same for depositing AXS to Ronin which was also another $20.

So in total, another $90 USD for all this. LOL

So yeah, this whole breeding might have costed me a good $930+ USD in total. Insaneee!

Anyways, so here ya go let's start with the Breeding process.

What I was planning to Breed were this two Pure Aquas of mine with the following Genes (Thanks to @axiebuzz for sharing me the extension to see the Axies R1 and R2 genes)


And if one is interested, here is the extension:

I say Pure but they are really not that Pure. They are Pure in terms of dominant genes which matters greatly on battles as the base stats of an Axie heavily relies on their dominant genes but in breeding recessive genes are taken into consideration as there is a chance of passing a body part from the recessive genes to the baby Axie.

So yeah, WooHoooooo time!

For Virgin Axies (Breed Count of 0), it only costs 150 SLP for both Axies so a good 300 SLP and 4 AXS to Breed them.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 185051.png

What I was really hoping for for this one was an Axie with NIMO (TailSlap), GoldFish (Speed+), Upstream Swim (Speed+) and that Shuriken (end last stand).

For the second breeding, it costed me 300 SLP for both Axies so 600 SLP and 4 AXS for the second breeding.

Screenshot 2021-07-31 060948.png

Most players usually stops at the 2nd Breeding as the breeding expenses starts to go high from here. But I again deposited another 900 SLP (450 SLP for both Axies) because I was just so addicted to this. Lol

Screenshot 2021-08-01 065658.png

So in total, 1800 SLP and 12 AXS for Breeding them 3 times.

Breeding is instant and you'll immediately get an EGG seconds after.

Screenshot 2021-08-04 185410.png

As a matter of fact, 2 of my AXIES have already hatched. They hatched last night.

Screenshot 2021-08-04 181705.png

The first one that hatched was a Pure one with a good card skill that I really want (Nimo and Goldfish and Shuriken). No Upstream Swim but at least it gave me a good attack card skill so I for one am very satisfied with this one.


I also looked into the market minutes later and it seems for an Axie with the same skillset and breed count of 0, the lowest sell was at $800 so if I had sold this one, it would have been enough for all 3 breeding costs I have done. XD

The second hatched Axie was not a pure one. It does have decent card skills though and I think I am okay with it getting CHOMP. Would have been better of course if it was another Aqua body part. XD


As to the third egg, it will hatch tomorrow morning on my end. Hopefully another Pure Aqua would hatched from this. I myself am quite excited. XD


Anyways, with all new 3 Axies added on my Axie team plus the Axies I bought last week and the original 3 Axies I bought months ago, I would have now close to 10 Axies.

Originally I was not planning to do any scholarships as I don't trust anyone but it seems that the game still has energy problem these days. Like 10 Axies owned should give one 40 ENERGY but it seems they have yet to fix this one and so I decided to finally try a scholarship. XD

I have already found a scholar by the way. One that is new to crypto but is into gaming. For some reason, I just don't trust people who is into crypto as most of them have greed for money. Lol Getting a scholar with little-to-no-idea to crypto might be lessen my worries on this.


The first one came out great! Can we see its genes? Looking to get a very similar one. We could do a breeding collab!

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Wow that's classic! It's really expensive to breed but you will yield it's fruits soon!
Good luck, Have a great weekend :)

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Great post, I like your writing!