My Daily Ritual in order to get the 150 Daily SLP quota these days!

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If you are an Axie Infinity player, you probably already know how frustrating it is to play the game these last few days.

From the Mavis app itself crashing once in a while to the game freezing and/or lagging occasionally, to being disconnected in Arena/Adventure when you are literally only ONE ROUND AWAY TO WINNING. All these things are veryyyy frustrating to experience in a game.

A full day with ALL those problems would probably be fine with me BUT A FULL WEEK and counting is really starting to test my patience!!! T_T

Honestly, if not for the $$$ that I would be getting from playing this game everyday, I probably would have temporarily stopped playing at least until they fixed their servers.

The problem by the way for those non-Axie (or even Axie players not in ther discord) reading this, is that the game have now reached 500k daily players from only 35k-40k players 2 months ago (or so what I've heard; don't quote me on this). This is such a huge sudden increase of players that there servers can't keep up with the amount of people playing at the same time.

Anyways, fortunately for me I have been able to claim my daily 150 SLP quota even with all the lags/crashes/freezes happening 24 hours a day.

I'm not guaranteeing that this will work for everyone but so far by this daily rituals of mine the last few days made me able to reach my daily 150 SLP quota.

Screenshot_20210719-181907_Axie Infinity.jpg

And so here is my ritual: XD

The first thing I do is check the marketplace:


If I see the marketplace is up then I proceed to open the game app, otherwise go continue with my irl daily routine.

Next is my open first the DAILY QUEST after opening the game:

Screenshot_20210719-182123_Axie Infinity.jpg

Then I wait until I see the 3 daily quests for that day. Sometimes it would take 2 minutes for me to see the daily quests. Sometimes even more. T_T

Next is I try to SYNC my Axies again. This honestly doesn't do anything but hey this is my daily ritual. XD

Screenshot_20210719-181913_Axie Infinity.jpg

Then I will go to Adventure Mode and another waiting game again here until it loads all the previous cleared ruin levels. Again, sometimes this will take 2-5mins, even longer.

Screenshot_20210719-182302_Axie Infinity.jpg

This is what it would look like after the waiting game. XD

Screenshot_20210719-181934_Axie Infinity.jpg

Then I will go update MY TEAM SET-UP again. Sometimes this would return an error and so I will once again try to save it after every minute or two until I get 'Team updated'.

Screenshot_20210719-181925_Axie Infinity.jpg

Doing all the ones above would usually make me able to do 3-4 runs on adventure. 3-4 runs might seem little but I only need 6-8 runs to get to 100 SLP so not that bad. After the 3rd or 4th run, the app usually freezes and so I will force close the app and open it again, AND AGAIN WITH THE DAILY RITUAL, from the start. Lol

After doing completing the Adventure Mode, I try to do Arena and usually will get this 'CONNECTING' thing.

Screenshot_20210719-182344_Axie Infinity.jpg

And what I would do is do again the rituals above (from the second step) AND try to watch a previous battle of mine.

Screenshot_20210719-182337_Axie Infinity.jpg
Screenshot_20210719-182001_Axie Infinity.jpg

Obviously this doesn't guarantee that it would work every single time but so far doing all this ridiculous things (and believing that they would work) have somehow helped me get 150 SLP daily the last few days. XD


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