A little Poll on reddit, about our candles...

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Which one would you prefer?

Even if you do not want to buy anything by now, we just need your opinion.



What about answering a little poll on Reddit ? No secrets asked, just your opinion before buying tons of ingredients...

The information received there will help us a lot in many ways, even if the question is simple.

You will need to click the question to be able to answer on reddit and you will need to have an account too, that account will also allow you to get some #posh tokens in the future, so you need one anyways 😄

Of course if you really prefer, you can answer in the comments below.

Why the poll

When you work with natural ingredients, you know it will cost more, knowing what people really want help to reduce the cost, but helps also in avoiding wasting those precious ingredients.

We will mainly work on limited stock or even on orders for the same reason, even if it adds to delays in delivery.

But if we have a "diva candle" that everyone wants, we might make some more for fast deliveries...
Or even cheaper if we can do some wholesale for specific ones.

Next steps

Thank you for your time, we will try to be in production as soon as possible.
We need to contact business incubators, but it won't take that long anymore to take that step.
We already made some candles as R&D to find the perfect recipes ....

🕯 Yes, we're soon ready 🕯


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I tried to vote on White "Scented Candles (natural scents only)" but for whatever reason it didn't work 😒 Ok, I'm not a reddit specialist, and certainly not a reddit lover... but I can't figure out why my vote didn't go through...
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