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Big Foot were once known as the Wild Humans. Jeans in a Lake Tuesday the first day of June of 2021 as it was a pretty hot day. Bill till. Eye-Net in Brave New World Wednesday. VACCINES contain VIRUSES and COVID VACCINES do NOT Thursday. Check Out Laura Loomer Friday. South Korea talk. Cleaning Windows Saturday.

They went off on a vacation trip for 3 days.
White House Return Sunday the 6th. RV out. Weekly show and photos on Monday. Jeopardy Monday. China Pays Fake News Tuesday. You are a MAGNETIC GUINEA-PIG Wednesday. Segregation 1921 versus Segregation 2021 Thursday. Lion Not Sheep Shirt Friday. Moving Stuff Day. Build Back Better Means We Kill You Saturday.

Check Out Polish American Brotherhood - @PoAmBrotherhood - Tara Szczepanski Sunday the 13th. 5G can be turned up to zap your MAGNETIC BODY Monday. Seattle. helped them moved. Finding Integrity Tuesday. Returned. Jumping. Check out Savannah Hernandez Wednesday. Check out Ivory Hecker Thursday. Grass. Lady Liberty Aint No Lady Friday. Big Shot, Season One Finale Saturday.

Working in the hot sun.
Trailer RV back. Wizard of Oz Revealed Sunday the 20th. Randy dinner. Running off. Demi Pietchell Blocked Me Monday. Grapes weeding. Justine Murray For Miss Universe 2021 Tuesday. They went fishing. Too Hot To Handle stars Lana the robot who controls the people Wednesday. AC for Tom. Ivory Hecker is trending on Bitchute Thursday. Picking cherries. Mode-RNA, not Moderna. Goes back many years Friday. Trump in Ohio Saturday.

Forensics Symposium Coming in August 2021.
Lauren Southern on Free Britney Spears Sunday the 27th. Today was hot, 113 F. Free Britney Spears Monday. Check out Cara Castronuova Tuesday. Kill or Be Killed, Learn how to terminate robots or else Wednesday.

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June of 2021

Oatmeal Monthly - 2021-06 - June of 2021
Published in June of 2021

Brave New World - NBC TV show - June - 2021-06.jpeg

I was watching Brave New World 104-109:
2021-06-01 - Tuesday - 2021-06-02 - Wednesday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Jeans in a Lake

2021-06-01 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-01 19:37:04.png

Big Foot were originally known as the Wild Men.

Aluminum is poison, it helps people forget things and worsens autism in especially children. Big Foot were once known, thousands of years ago, as the Wild Men & Women of the Forest, myths of not apes but that of humans with a bunch hair all over their body living in the woods.

Eye-Net in Brave New World

2021-06-02 - Wednesday


True Love

The Eye-Net is the plan of the future as seen in the Brave New World television show. They plan to stick contacts into our eyes which includes a small worm attachment which crawls into the eye to connect directly to the brain to control input and output like a virus would. Some theorize that Big Foot are modern-day Edomites, descendants of Esau who was a hairy man. There are three groups of humans, some say, regular humans, the Big Foot or hairy wild men, and UFO men. In the trailer park near my house, they're have a stand where they try to make Mexicans take Covid Vaccines which are killing people. They have the signs in Spanish. Bill Till.


2021-06-03 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-06-03 18:09:16 VACCINES contain VIRUSES. That is the DEFINITION of VACCINE. But the COVID VACCINES do NOT have VIRUSES INSIDE THEM.png


VACCINES contain VIRUSES. That is the DEFINITION of VACCINE. But the COVID VACCINES do NOT have VIRUSES INSIDE THEM. Fake news are distortionists. Who owns most of the American farmlands? Bill Gates. They're trying to mandate and monopolize the recycling by solar panels by 2050 according to Wired. We know way less than 5% regarding the human gnome, genetics, the science behind DNA, RNA, to the blueprint map of the biological architecture of people. Millions of doctors BROKE BIG CRIMES in 2020, GIANT GIGANTIC CRIMES. The WHO says do NOT distill water as that removes FLUORIDE which is actually bad for you. So, thank you WHO because whatever you say I will do the opposite, I know how much WHO lied in 2020 and I know how bad FLUORIDE is meaning distilling water must be pretty good if they are against it.

Check Out Laura Loomer

2021-06-04 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-06-04 17:22:59 Loomered.png

Loomered, forget making wine, check out Laura Loomer

Check out Pocketnet App. Stop having kids to save the planet they say. They have deadlier engineered diseases a thousands times more deadly than what we saw in 2020, they're waiting for the right time to release the next one. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Please wear your lucky dirty socks for good luck and wear them socks over your face. Breath in the yummy dirty socks. Never ever clean your lucky socks. Keep them on forever. They are lucky socks and will make all your dreams come true. BITCOIN CONFERENCE KICKED OUT Laura Loomer, the organizers there should be ASHAMED of themselves for going AGAINST FREEDOM and much more than that too. Plastic makes you infertile. So, kind of like free birth control. So, just continue drinking out of plastic bottles and you will be unable to have babies. Hope you enjoy never having children. Thank you, Lord Plastic.

Cleaning Windows

2021-06-05 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-06-05 22:20:50.png

Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4: E26

Check out Leila Centner. You can find her at Centner Academy . com. The more you microwave food in plastic containers, the more the plastic will leak into the food, this is especially deadly for children, cancer is on the rise, many things are on the rise, cheap plastic containers are particularly toxic. Sorry Vietnamese, Monsanto (George H. Bush company) created AGENT ORANGE, ROUNDUP, etc. To save farmers, we have to continue to stop Farmer Bill Gates who owns more farmland in America than all the other farmers, he owns most of the land and he continues to buy more and more land.

2020 Election Fraud

Why didn't anybody PAY ME MONEY when I voted in 2020? THOUSANDS of PEOPLE were paid to vote in America and it is illegal to pay and to be paid to vote. THOUSANDS OF CRIMINALS. You are a criminal if you took money to vote.

White House Return

2021-06-06 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-06-07 02:18:12 Trump 2020.png

White House Return

Kirk Cameron did a live 100-days backyard American Campfire Revival in California, over 20,000 views each night, he is giving people hope. British government document says they're expecting a minimum 60% death coming during the third wave which comes the fall of 2021 but they won't tell you the people who die were the ones getting the magnets. Instead, they'll say the C Word did it. In Canada in 2020, people paid money to not get health care and then were fined and thrown in prison for looking elsewhere for health care. Trump came out with a video saying we are taking back the White House sooner than you think.

Hypocrisy Inside You

Hypocrisy is an ingredient inside humans meaning it is not so much a question of are you a hypocrite but more so a question of your response when your hypocrisy is pointed out, how do you react, that is the million dollar question regarding your desire, discipline, priorities, focus, awareness, communication, and especially your ongoing transition towards fate and destiny meaning your navigating direction in life in general or lack therein.


2021-06-07 - Monday

King of the Hill based on Alex Jones king-of-the-hill.jpg

King of the Hill based on Alex Jones

China owes countries a minimum of $10 trillion, your country can begin by canceling debt owed to the CCP. China must pay reparations for their 2020 crimes against humanity according to the international Nuremberg Code, the United Nations must do their job in pursuing justice. Amazon has finally said, "Alright, you guys, you can sue us," because so many people were trying to take them to court, there was so much demand, so many requests, that is the power of the people, we the people by the people and for the people. Jon Rahm was ejected from a PGE golf tournament live on television, he was winning, he was healthy, he was NOT sick. You can BELIEVE your own EYES and know he was HEALTHY. But they came to him and ushered him off. He was many feet away from people, that is more than 6 feet. He was out in the SUNSHINE. They said he was sick even tho he WAS WINNING in the tournament. Hey, you can't win. We are going to ban you off the grass. This is offline CENSORSHIP. At least 86 people with CRISPR already in China, they admit, but we know there is a lot more where that came from.

How Much Trump Won By

Here is how many votes Trump won by in 2020, see the bottom row of numbers. PA, 107,523. GA, 35,454. AZ, 36,915. MI, 48,469. WI, 49,916. Trump got this many more votes than Joe Biden who is the current Chinese Puppet of the United States of America. These are the 5 key battleground states. Amazon lady beats up girl who then lets her come inside. I don't know which is stranger. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from COVID VACCINES and the general public does NOT know it. They should know what is happening. Sadly, Facebook will try to delete this post or at least try to put a disclaimer on it saying it is not true when it is in fact just the tip of the iceberg. 2005-08-22 - Fauci Publication - Chloroquine is a SARS coronavirus inhibitor - Virology Journal.

China Pays Fake News

2021-06-08 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-08 15:29:02 Open School.png

Open Up Schools Please

China Daily is paying the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and other newspapers millions of dollars to publish Chinese propaganda to brainwash Americans and it has been working, we live in an information war and they win by convincing you that it's just a conspiracy theory. Great thing about politicians wearing masks is if you don't like what they are saying, you can dub it out and then say to tell everyone, "Oh, Biden never said that, let me show you this dubbed video showing you he never said that." Places in America where they had LOCKDOWN, those were the places WHERE MORE PEOPLE DIED. Be All You OUGHT To Be and not all you CAN be because you CAN be a FOOL but you SHOULD NOT. The movement in Germany started in 1920 meaning it only took 20 years but the movement in America and other places have been boiling up for over 60 years meaning it is a lot worse than what we saw in the 1940s during the second world war. They threaten to quit, a big factory, over bumper stickers they refused to print because they got mad at what it said, "What, you are calling me a slave because I'm wearing a mask, how dare you," Greta Thump-Burger.

Transgender Leads to Suicide or Worse

Not even girls dress like that meaning having fake versions of the real thing damages both genders as it pulls both sides towards a distortion that led too many to suicide or worse. In America in the 1960s and 1970s during the Vietnam War, there were these people who said that boys must be raised like girls because war is bad and we have war because we have men. I'm writing this in June of 2021 which is Pride Month and a major origin to that movement roots back to the Vietnam War with the hippies promoting peace over war. Many of them not only hated men but were afraid of men. Their propaganda infiltrated schools and especially culture these past 60 years to deform the sacred duty and path of manhood which in turn deforms womanhood as well. When you deform womanhood, that in turns deforms manhood even more which in turns deforms womanhood even more towards a spiral of decline. Together, it rots the foundation of families which is the backbone to society and civilization globally, historically. We need God in America again as Carman Licciardello would always say in that famous music video he did 30 years ago.


2021-06-09 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-10 00:31:01.png

No Power

You are a MAGNETIC GUINEA-PIG. Fertility of men and women are going STRAIGHT DOWN. The world purposely conflate brotherhood with homosexuality in order to deflate manhood which in turn destabilizes womanhood which then unravels the very foundation of families which in turn is the very heart of civilization and humanity itself. Doing all of this is the key to the initiation of the extinction of the human race. They make their staff wear bar codes stuck to their hands. Soon, your boss, your employer, will tell you to put a bar code on your hand or you are going to be fired or worse. Then they will say, "And be safe." It goes into your body and makes your body create prion crystals which are MAGNETIC. That is why there are so many videos all over the Internet of keys and forks jumping onto arms and foreheads. Try yourself. Get it and then try it. If it happens, take a photo or make a video of it and share it here. When you get it, then you become MAGNETO. When it starts to grow MAGNETIC prion crystals in your brain, you will start to feel high and begin to forget things.

Project Lockstep

Fox New's Laura Ingraham finally mentioned Rockefeller's 2010 Project Lock-Step which details what happened in 2020. We were all warned years before it happened. But we don't care. Bad things happen when we choose not to educate each other on the plans of the bad guys. FBI hired 2 guys to murder MLK. Absence of voluntary consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. The penalty for such violation is death. This American and international law.

Segregation 1921 versus Segregation 2021

2021-06-10 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-06-10 00:54:00 Segregation.png

Segregation 1921 versus Segregation 2021.

Segregation 1921 versus Segregation 2021. Black Rock is buying family houses all over, they use taxes they get from U.S. tax-payers to outbid others in the real estate market, Black Rocket is an element of the Chinese Biden Tyranny. NOBEL PRIZE WINNER DOCTOR SCIENTIST MAN said if you got a jab, you will likely be dead in 2 years. They DISABLE MILLIONS TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE and are then MAKING US take care of those people they handicapped, these next few years, that is people who are not dead yet will be extremely sick and many are rotting in HOSPITALS right now. That weighs you down. That hurts you on several levels. You are affected. This is RELEVANT TO YOU.

Money Cannot Buy You Everything

Some of the members of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY in places like France tried BRIBING HITLER. They thought that if they gave the NAZI PARTY a lot of money, then they would be safe. But they hunted down and murdered them as well. In other words, money does NOT buy you everything. Regarding Covid Vaccines, people who get it then get low blood pressure. When you buy bottled water, the plastic leaks out and gives you cancer.

Lion Not Sheep Shirt

2021-06-11 - Friday

Lion Not Sheep Shirt mz5A-PQ_.jpeg

Lion Not Sheep Shirt

No jab, no phone. If you do NOT do what they say, they will BLOCK your SIM card. Are you ready for that? Will you simply comply? In India and Texas in 2021, they TURNED OFF THE POWER. They are going after all humans everywhere. You are a bad guy if you are not telling people the problems. We have to come together to fix these problems or it will continue to get worse. It is your job. You should feel guilty. We are in a war and too many humans are happy to be put under the thumb. Many people got the ________ in Chile, but they went ahead to still lockdown the capital. The THIRD WORLD IS STARVING TO DEATH RIGHT NOW because WE WEAR MASKS. You ARE A KILLER. Alex Jones announces THE SUICIDE CHALLENGE. If Bill Gates kills himself live on TV, Alex Jones said he will then kill himself the next day. If you're a veteran or a poor woman, don't enter this challenge, you have a lot of value. If you're calling for depopulation, if you're saying humans are bad, then lead the way and murder yourself. At the PUBLIC PARK in NEW YORK CITY, people are being trained, "You have to ______ in order to go inside." That is a lie but they're TRICKING NEW YORKERS into submitting to the lie. That is causing many people to die. They are KILLING PEOPLE. Mainline SCIENCE has said for decades, "DO NOT take BAD-CINES if you already got the sickness." Let me tell you a secret, most humans already got C0VV1DD-19, especially in 2020 meaning you are ALREADY IMMUNE and MAINLINE SCIENCE demands you do NOT take the BAD-CINES if you already got something that most people recovered from. Plus, the BAD-CINES violate the Nuremberg Code.

Covid Vaccines Gives People Cancer

After getting the _______, they now have to have operations due to NEW CANCER. Wow. Connect the dots. Stop being so dumb. If you get cancer, then it is probably your fault or perhaps someone failed to let you know. But once you know what I know, you should be prompted to share the info to stop others from making the same mistake you made. If many Muslims have 8 babies per family, if many of them are not getting the ___________ and if too many non-Muslims are having only 1 baby or less per family and are also getting the __________, that would mean 99.999999999999999999999% of all humans on the earth will be the former over the latter. When Hulk Hogan stuck stuff in his body, people cried, "What about the children? You're betraying them. But now they say, "Hey kids, now your turn.

Build Back Better Means We Kill You

2021-06-12 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-06-12 23:45:58 Bio-Septic Pro.png

Put Bio-Septic Pro in your septic-tank.

Build Back Better means they collapse the world and then takes over on top of our ashes. Boris Johnson betrayed England. Five-year-old boys and girls are shown BEX at schools in books they force the children to stare at, they teach kids how to basterbate, I would get banned just for mentioning these things, and yet we let them baaaaarrrape future generations or lack therein. Mark Zuckerberg bought land all around other properties in Hawaii. After that, he blocked them as if to starve them to death as if they were a castle as he was preparing to steal the land and build a giant house on it. That is just one of many many stories out there of things that are happening which we need to continue sharing with each other. It is crucial we know who is who and what they are doing. Knowledge is power. You would be surprised what people do NOT know. You will not know until you ask them questions. Most of the time, people don't know that they don't know most things most of the time. That is why we have to continue to ask people many things because they do NOT even know that they do not know. Too many people are sleeping while they're walking around. Most people can be ten times more dead like zombies more so than even Joe Freaking Biden himself or itself or whatever, who knows, please tell me I'm wrong.

Connecting The World
I have a dream. If they bridge Russia and Alaska, then I will drive my car to Vietnam. They put up signs at swimming pools reminding people to take off masks because too many people are drowning to death. This is after they told people they have to wear masks and EXHALE UNDERWATER. This means THEY ARE MURDERING PEOPLE. After they kill a bunch of people, then they run around telling people not to do what they told them a few months earlier to do. They hope you don't remember what they said a few months earlier. They hope you only remember the last bit of things they say at any given time.

Check Out Polish American Brotherhood - @PoAmBrotherhood - Tara Szczepanski

2021-06-13 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-06-13 22:18:43 NYC Banned Girl.png

Polish American Brotherhood - @PoAmBrotherhood - Tara Szczepanski - http://LiveOne.tv. http://theTnAshow.com

I can't spread it because I have natural immunity. Too many 2020 U.S. Republican ballots were misaligned, the bar codes, the things they print on them, this alerts the people who can then find them more easily, collect them, and discard them. The Clinton Family sent people to sneak into the house of Christopher Sign and murdered him yesterday. That is a message saying, "Shut up or we will end your life and then say you committed suicide." So, do you shut up? Is that how you deal with the Mafia? Do we just roll over as they continue to execute whoever and whenever they want to? Is that the kind of world you want to live in? We are still living in that world even if you want to pretend it does not happen. You know they don't want you to read the book Christopher Sign wrote, that is why they murdered him, they are saying, "DO NOT READ HIS BOOK OR WE WILL KILL YOU TOO."

Murdering Journalists
You may wake up tomorrow to find out they murdered Trump, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, etc. You know who did it. Any second, you may hear that many people were executed. They already killed Christopher Sign in HIS HOUSE. It was NOT SUICIDE. Are we going to be quiet? Are we going to speak out? What kind of future do you want for your children? Do you want your kids to live in fear, that if they say what the globalists don't like, that they may end up dead? They've murdered journalists in the past, many times. Right now, they're in the middle of targeting many many people. Plus, censorship online makes it hard for us to expose how they murder people. They want journalists and others to shut up. The killing is a threat. They are saying to you, "Shut up or you are next." So, if you ignore this message and do nothing, then they win. You are being manipulated by the same people who say there are too many people on the planet.

5G can be turned up to zap your MAGNETIC BODY

2021-06-14 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-06-14 01:58:48 5G can be turned up to zap your MAGNETIC BODY.png

5G can be turned up to zap your MAGNETIC BODY

You can obtain PERMANENT RESIDENCE in El Salvador for the price of 3 Bitcoins. Her son died from C0V1DD V4cc1nne. Boris Johnson said he will do whatever Bill Gates tells him to do for the UK. People who are right can stand their ground and be patient. Those who are wrong know they are wrong deep inside their heart and that is why they shutter. As seen in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, we have the high ground as they flip a New World Order over our heads. Be ready and do what is right when the time comes. Delta Variant is Covid lie.

England Lockdown

2 UK deaths today. Great excuse for a prison planet cage. That is why they wear 2 masks. Give up your freedoms. Stay inside your house forever. In El Salvador, Bitcoin is now an official form of legal tender, as in money. People should move and live there. Bitcoin is better than centralized fiat currency. Patients and employees can't move their hands, they're getting numbed after getting C00V!D V4CC1NNES said Nurse J.Bridges Houston.

Finding Integrity

2021-06-15 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-15 00:40:52.png

Finding Integrity

You can have a good time without selling out. You can find balance even in times of great stress. You can make time for people even when you are restless and exhausted. You can give people mercy and forgiveness not in words but in action.

Check out Savannah Hernandez

2021-06-16 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-16 21:55:18 Savannah.png

Check out Savannah Hernandez

Biology is liquid mechanics. Meat you buy at the store is magnetic. Just test it. Get a magnet and try to stick it on some chicken and post your results here. When Covid Vaccines were tested on animals, the ones that didn't die sure wish they have since they got so sick. Door Dash has R2D2 robots rolling around, the beginning of the Terminator rule over humans. They have to get our guard down by making us think androids are normal. Thousands of blank ballots in Arizona were found. So many thousands were empty.

Smart Devices Gone Wild

Your smart devices can be overwritten remotely through centralized tyranny. Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy the rights of Another Brick On The Wall in order to create more Facebook & Instagram ads but the main founder of Pink Floyd responded to the email with "F you." Millions of illegals are being flown to red states in a multiple-decade plan to flip America from red to entirely blue in all 50 states.

Check out Ivory Hecker

2021-06-17 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-06-17 12:37:07 Ivory Hecker.png

Check out Ivory Hecker

Check out Ivory Hecker. Same 3 men involved in one-six was involved in what they called the attempted kidnapping of the Michigan governor some months earlier in 2020. The same groups of people involved in the attempted kidnapping were also involved in one-six. Every boy needs a father-figure, somebody who can tell him what to do, what not to do, and more importantly how to know the difference between the two. Second world war was accelerating as Poland was being invaded via a false flag operation. So many patterns in history, not knowing these patterns is a major factor to how and when history repeats itself or rhymes. FBI worked with agents to create a Jan.6 False Flag. The one-six cop died of natural causes but they blamed a man because he had bear spray, he said "NOT YET," he didn't do anything except say that and is yet facing 60 years in prison for saying not yet. New York Times had to change their narrative a few times as the cop didn't die from the bear spray or other things. Journalists are afraid of being attacked, that is why there is so much self-censorship which keeps real investigations from going viral. However, reporters can follow the path Ivory Hecker took. They're taking out GOOD COPS and replacing them with BAD COPS.

January 6 Was a False Flag
FBI agents went into the Capitol on Jan.6 and got hundreds of people to follow them in. The people who followed them in are innocent. The FBI then arrested those innocent people as opposed to arresting themselves because they were the ones who were doing it. At least 5 of the 18 people involved in the 2020 Michigan governor kidnapping attempt were also involved in one-six either as undercover agents or organizers or people leading the charge in concert with the FBI in a ploy to setup innocent people in a trap in order to initiate a need for an updated patriot act. Over 500 people were indicted for one-six and yet dozens of people who were in militia groups who were involved with Jan.6 were not indicted. Meanwhile, hundreds of Americans are rotting in pre-trial prisons while these militia group leaders who were working with the FBI are not arrested.

Lady Liberty Aint No Lady

2021-06-18 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-06-18 23:29:15 Pope.png

Knight Templar is inter-religion.

18 is 6+6+6. Unvax Lives Matter. Many of the homeless in Austin, Texas were actually activists who were not homeless. Big special on Jan.6 will be premiering on television tomorrow. This is going viral. They don't want you to watch this. Crazy things are about to happen, it is all a distraction, I am warning you not to fall for it. John Pierce established the NCLU to counter the ACLU which is a paradox by the way. The ACLU is not really the ACLU any more than the Patriot Act is really an act to help patriots. The Patriot Act hurts patriots. That is called a contradiction. The ACLU is not what you think it is. Hundreds of people were put in pretrial holding cells for Jan.6 in 2021 but they were not charged with insurrection. They're waiting for trials but are not being charged with what the fake news is saying. It is theater. It is designed to make you think those people did bad things when they didn't. They're trying to block the public from seeing the footage from the security cameras, camera phones, etc. Some of it was purged off the Internet because they don't want you to know the truth about Jan.6.

You Killed Yourself
If you got the c00v11d-v4ccc!!nnne, you will be getting sick with blood clots which is what then causes heart attacks, seizures, etc. You need to write a will and say goodbye to your loved ones as you will likely be dead before 2025. Also, you are spreading it to other people. You became a super spreader. You made one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in your life. You were warned. Good news is you can warn others and encourage them not to make the same mistakes you made. You can also try natural remedies in an attempt to counter the crazy ARE-ENNN-AYE you put into your body which is changing your body and especially your !mmmm.unnnnneee-5y5t3m. 18 is 6+6+6. So, we sell our soul to Satan when we become 6+6+6 to do anything we want at that point. We worship 18.

Big Shot, Season One Finale

2021-06-19 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-06-19 02:33:44 Big  Shot.png

Big Shot, Season One Finale

Envy is jealousy on steroids. For thousands of years, sticking out your tongue was a symbol of mocking God. The Lotus Flower is the flower of Lucifer; people who worship Lucifer believe he sacrificed himself got the greater good of all humanity, they believe the ends justify the means. A particular rise of a separate and independent unconstitutional federal government of the United States was established in part due to the Act of 1871 and not to say there was not already a different type of federal government before that and not to say there is not more to it than just that. But long story short, in 1871, Washington DC (not part of America) was incorporated with London City (which is not part of London) and the Vatican City (which is not part of Rome or Italy) in some kind of partnership, union, collusion, etc. If you are in an airplane, your pilot may suddenly collapse because of the boo boo fixer. Hundred of innocent Americans were kidnapped by U.S. law enforcement in 2021, they were placed in holding cells, many were not even charged with crimes. Are we going to remain silent for the Jan.6 False Flag?

Real Racism

Farmers are being refused loans, grants, etc, which they are eligible for, when they go to court, the judges say, "Sorry but you're white." Talk about white privilege. It is the privilege to be discriminated against. That's racist.

Wizard of Oz Revealed

2021-06-20 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-06-21 01:06:22 LOTR.png

Our War is Not Between Flesh & Blood

Google, Facebook, etc, are involved in Wuhan, Jon Stewart failed to mention that. Jon Stewart said what people were banned for a few months ago for. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich and gave to the poor, he returned what recently belonged to the citizens right back to them from the centralized tyranny who stole it from them by force. Corporation means CORP, which means dead, and ORATION, which means speak, put them together to get dead-speak like the Tin-Man from the Wizard of Oz who SPOKE but had NO HEART. C, see. OVID is GREEK for sheep, 19 is military code for SURRENDER. Put them together, it means see sheep surrender (SSS). There is a correlation between S and 6. S is a 6th letter, a Serpent letter. He said if you communicated with anybody who was in Washington DC on the 6th of January of 2021, the FBI is looking at you. Millions of people from all around the world where there on that Wednesday. When your body becomes magnetic, cells begin to stick to each other which then begins to squeeze and kink the blood vessels causing blood clots which then causes heart attacks, seizures, etc. You have to try to thin out your blood and do your best to counter the curse, THE TROJAN HORSE, you allowed to enter your sanctuary, your vessel, and you should let people know what is happening to your body, you can warn them, you can encourage them, you can help those around you while you still can.

Secret to the Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz means Wizard of the ounces of stolen gold via taxes, follow the money, follow the yellow-brick road, oz means ounces, yellow bricks means gold, it was happening in 1933. In the book, Dorothy's slippers are silver and not red. Gold was the money of the kings while silver was the money of the people. Before banning gold in the 1930s, they were banning silver in the 1860s or around the U.S. Civil War. The witch burnt Dorothy's STRAWMAN ARGUMENT and then Dorothy melted the witch with WATER and WATER is code for not the law of the land but the law of the sea, ADMIRALTY LAW. We are not in Kansas any more, we are in the law of the sea. We have to get back and stand on silver.

Demi Pietchell Blocked Me

2021-06-21 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-06-21 23:59:19.png


Abortion is not murder, it is genocide because a female baby forms her own eggs while in the womb meaning 2 generations are being formed meaning the grandmother has direct correlation and is in fact directly affecting the outcomes of the eggs inside her daughter. Foo Foo Fighters has a song about fighting the establishment, I think it's satire, a hint of sarcasm there on their behalf as they're now married to the establishment; ahahaa, more like Boo Boo Doo Doo Fighters now. 60% of Americans are fed by the fast food industry each day but supply chains are breaking down meaning massive starvation, this is bigger than the Great Depression of the early 1930s, I've been warning you for years, the clock is ticking, there are things we must do or else.

Too many rainbow flags in New York City and they're saying you will no longer have families very soon at the United Nations, that is their plan, they are announcing that in front of the entire world, they're hoping you do not care. They're weeding out good people out of law enforcement and the military. It's our job to be aware of that. If you live in Massachusetts (MA), they're sneaking apps onto your phones without your awareness, you cannot uninstall it, they're spying on you, they're sending info out all the time. But there is more to this story than just that. It is a lot worse than that. They're introducing Fractional-Ownership, Vietnam is rolling in its grave. Hunter Biden is selling paintings for millions of dollars, it's actually a cover for money laundering, collusion, etc.

SEGREGATION present at a high school graduation in the State of Washington, looks like eastern Washington, the people who got it were allowed to sit in the chairs on the football field while over 80% of the rest of the people were forced to sit in the bleachers and not allowed to sit on the chairs on the field.

Justine Murray For Miss Universe 2021

2021-06-22 - Tuesday

Justine Murray New Jersey Miss USA beauty-queen-censorship-01.jpeg

Justine Murray For Miss Universe 2021

Are you magnetic? Is your meat magnetic? Crazy to see conservatives ban other conservatives. That is insane. That is divide and conquer. They want us to do that and we fall for it. Check out Justine Murray, a Miss New Jersey contestant. She should become not only Miss USA but Miss Universe in 2021. What she said would get her banned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and at college universities all over. What is cloud seeding? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are buying up land, this is very bad because you need the land and people you know need land. We should understand why it is very bad when they buy the land and when we do not have land.

Utopia came out on Amazon Prime Video in 2020, season 1 has 8 episodes. The show is about a fake virus which mirrors Covid-19. They get the world to take vaccines which are designed to sterilize mankind in order to dip the global human population to under 500 million in order to give them a better future; that depopulation will save us from global warming, climate change, etc.

Many shows and movies will mirror what the bad people are doing in non-fiction, in the real world, in real life, many of those things are happening right now, a major reason they do that is because then it causes some people to say, "That's a conspiracy theory, you stole that from that movie or this television show or this book over here, etc."

See, in reality, we didn't get the idea from fiction but the other way around. It's the old which came first question, the chicken or the egg, the fiction or the reality, and it does pacify people and that is the goal.

So, when we tell people what is happening, their reaction can be, "You just stole those ideas from Black Mirror or Utopia or Matrix or Wall-E or The 100 or The Terminator or Will Smith's I Am Legend (based on a 1954 book), etc, etc." The best way to hide something is to turn it into a joke by making a parody of it. That is why they make movies about what they're actually doing and planning to do.

Too Hot To Handle stars Lana the robot who controls the people.

2021-06-23 - Wednesday

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Too Hot To Handle stars Lana the robot who controls the people.

"YOU WILL SOON LIVE IN A COMMUNE, NOT A CITY." If you go to the United Nations in New York City, you will see that quote, that is part of the plan, they hope you ignore this post. They hope you are stupid. That is how they win. They love that you are dumb and that you don't care that they are destroying humanity and everything. They're laughing at you, "Haha, didn't know it would be this easy, humans so retarded, bwahahahha."

The plan is to engineer humans to grow smaller, shorter. In the 2020 during the U.S. Election, people counting ballots for Dominion were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts but were told not to wear political shirts. BLM shirts are political. Most of them were wearing BLM shirts or other things. People who were not leftists were generally discouraged or pushed out from working with them.

It is kind of funny that all of the alleged aliens since like the 1800's have told humans to start a new world order, a global government of tyranny and centralization, wow, how convenient is that?

Ivory Hecker is trending on Bitchute

2021-06-24 - Thursday

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Ivory Hecker is trending on Bitchute.

If I end up dead, it wasn't me. A guideline is NOT a law. Jill Biden was booed. So, Jill yells at them. She lectures them. She gets so mad. Facebook will totally censor me if I were to tell you what she wanted them to put into their body. Even Twitter will not let you talk about this. They stick ALUMINUM and other TOXIC ELEMENTS inside ONE-DAY-OLD BABIES and mothers are happy with that kind of POISON which leads to a lifetime of problems and issues as we have all observed since at least the 1990s, like the past thirty years or longer all around the world.

Pediatricians are paid hundreds of dollars, all they have to do is make sure that before your baby is two years old, that he or she is filled up with loads of f@ccccc!nnnes which big tech will not let me tell you what they do to children and you wonder why people are all of a suddenly magically allergic to milk and peanuts and it is a lot worse than just that.

They're on a killing spree. 2 weeks ago, they killed one person. Now, they murdered John McAfee.

They're targeting patriots. The next person who they kill in June or July of 2021 could be somebody big and famous who you may be familiar with or it may be a random whistle blower or somebody you have never heard of before. Nonetheless, we should let everyone know that they're sending assassins around to exterminate the leadership of freedom fighters worldwide.

The next person they whack may be Alex Jones, Trump, your mom, Tucker Carlson, your pastor, etc. But we should not be quiet about this as they run around terminating the lives of people as you could be next or I could be next. I would never commit suicide. If I'm found dead, they did it. Monster Milley is a monster.

They say around 60% of adult Americans have agreed to getting killer c0zv1d-vaag1nes which are murdering people and yet globalists want over 77% and if that doesn't happen by July of 2021, they'll take down Biden and install puppets who can get those numbers up a lot higher than what it currently is in the name of depopulation as billions of humans are exterminated before 2030, that is what THEY ARE DOING and you can wait a few years to find out I was right and then YOU WILL REGRET THEN DOING NOTHING UNTIL THEN.

They're preparing to take the guns from Americans, any day now in 2021 at the earliest. The military generals are preparing to destroy the second amendment, the right to bear arms. They're hoping patriots bend over more and more like soy boys.

Mode-RNA, not Moderna. Goes back many years.

2021-06-25 - Friday

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Mode-RNA, not Moderna. Goes back many years.

Biden threatened America with nukes. You can watch the videos of what he said yesterday about blowing up cities like Chicago with bombs, Biden said it and we need to show people what Biden said so they can know before bad things happen that Biden literally said it.

Why are some people allergic to peanuts? Some people think they know the answer but they're totally wrong. You could be totally wrong. I would tell you the real answer but we are not allowed to talk about it on Facebook. Nobody is supposed to be allergic to peanuts and other things too.

Sadly, too many people think it is normal for some people to be allergic to peanuts. But it is NOT normal. Well, it may be more normal now but there is a reason why and how people started becoming allergic to peanuts especially in the 1900's as compared to previous centuries. If only we could help people understand that peanut allergies is a new phenomenon.

If only there was a way to help people see that such an allergy has not been around for thousands of years as some would assume. Answer is vaccines.

Trump in Ohio

2021-06-26 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-06-26 22:31:16 Elon Musk, John McAfee.png

Elon Musk, John McAfee

I like what Trump was doing to help out. They're banning the first amendment, the second amendment, and next on their list is the Living Word, the Real Fountain of Youth. For every law that is passed, around 20 regulations tend to come up, generally speaking, and regulations are not laws and yet they come up. America was not supposed to have regulations. That is unconstitutional.

Over 200,000 UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND ILLEGAL regulations have come up since 1975. Regulations are not laws. For every law there is, there are around 20 regulations or more. America was founded with a bill of rights. On that foundation were placed some laws. Regulations, code, acts, etc, have damaged that foundation over the years. The United States was not meant to be a nation of regulations let alone a land of GUIDELINES which are also NOT LAWS either.

In North Korea, if your ancestors owned land, then you will be punished unless if you just so happen to be a person in the government like Rocket Man. You own nothing unless if you're in the government which ironically owns everything while everyone owns nothing. The king of Europe has said that is the future of the entire world that by 2030 humans will own nothing and will be happy owning nothing, well unless if you are in the global government which in that case you own the entire world and are I guess really happy.

The global bond market is worth 200 trillion dollars, Bitcoin will be rising above it in the next few years, in the 2020's, Bitcoin is a major player in a basic need humans have, Bitcoin is digital gold and not digital money.

Forensics Symposium Coming in August 2021

2021-06-27 - Sunday

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Get Em While They're Young

IBM helped Hitler round up Jews to kill and Google rounds up Christians for China to murder. You can eat half-insect fish in a can but you shouldn't. Dominion used John McAfee software, a Trojan in a Trojan, it is coming out, software was spying on the software which was stealing elections, the information was being collected, don't think the only people who can survey, collect, steal, remove, and mirror Internet traffic, cookies, metadata, transactions, browsing history, search history, etc, would be just the CIA, NSA, FBI, China, EU, UN, MI6, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, big tech, governments, organizations, etc.

Over 300 cases of heart inflammation after getting see-vee in young people across the U.S. in 2021, just in the past few months, doctors are being paid a lot of money to say it is all coincidental and stuff, follow the money, they are getting bribed and many are pounded with severe death threats. Others are totally banned off big tech for mentioning even a quarter of what is actually happening. The videos and articles and photos are all over the Internet, all over social media, you can find hundreds of these stories and share them with those around you before they are dead too. Any day, you will find out people you know are dead. You could have saved them. It is your fault. Don't regret not trying your best to let me know the truth.

Forensics Symposium coming around the first week of August of 2021, Cyber Punks from all around the world are invited, it will be for 3 days, the evidence will be there for the world to see.

Free Britney Spears.

2021-06-28 - Monday


James Bond film plot, the villain disables the brains of mankind using magnets which are grown inside their body. He is able to trick the people into harvesting the magnetic prion crystals inside of their flesh. Some of them die from blood clots while others begin to grow magnetic tumors and cancer all over their bodies. Some of them are unable to die but they wish they were. While others die all of a sudden over night. The villain is able control the people using magnets, they become zombies, literally the walking dead. Sonar can be used to locate them using vibration to check for magnetic flesh. Instantly, they're able to know who is magnetic and who is not. So, then the villain sends out drones to take out anybody who is not magnetic.

Check out Cara Castronuova.

2021-06-29 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-29 19:50:20 Cara Castronuova.png

Check out Cara Castronuova.

You can find Guardian Angels in New York.

When the white people came to America, if it was a sin, then pack your bags and leave, if the white people stole land from the Native American Indians and the black people, then the solution would be to return to homelands, to Europe, to go back to wherever the evil white people. If somebody is teaching this in school or anywhere, that person to lead by example and deport themselves out of the United States for once and for all, problem solved.

French politicians SUDDENLY realized there were cameras and there beautiful lizard faces were showing, they felt like they were caught with their pants down except I mean diapers not over the legs but the mouth, so they quickly covered, Allah Akbar Time. Look mommy, those old people are naked, I can see their TEETH. Oh my God, I just saw a TONGUE.

Kill or Be Killed, Learn how to terminate robots or else

2021-06-30 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-06-30 21:18:32 Robots, Globalism.png

Kill or Be Killed, Learn how to terminate robots or else

C000xv11d is an umbrella-term.

The same NGOs behind Europe Invasion are behind America Invasion.

A kid has a one in a million chance of dying from xc0xv11d and a one in 3,000 chance of dying from v0xxv111xdx vxaxkch11nn3s.

There are Chinese spies in almost every federal agency. Some of the worse crimes in world history is happening right now at the borders. The American government are TERRORISTS, they are KIDNAPPING WOMEN AND CHILDREN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES TO RAPE AND MURDER, millions of people are coming in. Trump went to Texas but should be outside at the borders to show people how bad things are. Instead, Trump is just sitting in some retarded room. That is pretty retarded.

Americans need to get involved to expose how AMERICA IS BEING INVADED RIGHT NOW, THE TROJAN HORSE, as millions of people pour into the United States, same as what is happening in Europe and Rome fell many centuries ago because of similar invasions and other things.

Over a third of the kids are without family, parents, relatives, and that is how things were while Trump was President, as people were being kidnapped into America, but things got a thousand times worse than that in 2021.

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Mode-RNA, not Moderna. Goes back many years.
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