1890-born historical coffee shop. 🤎☕

Dating back to 1890, this historic coffee shop is called KURUKAHVECİ NURİ TOPLAR. After listening to the benefits of Turkish coffee from my doctor, I was in search of a coffee shop that sells fresh coffee. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to this coffee shop located in Istanbul / Fatih. It was a coffee shop I had never shopped at before, but I wanted to give it a try because I trusted my friend's recommendations and taste. When I entered the street of the coffee shop, before I even saw the coffee shop, the smell came to my nose. The whole street was full of fragrance.



The front of the coffee shop was incredibly crowded. Foreign tourists as well as locals were showing great interest. I paid about 10 hive coins for 180 grams of coffee.



When I came home, I wanted to try it immediately because I was curious about its taste. I have talked a lot about this in my articles before, I don't like coffee at all, I can't drink it, but I try to include Turkish coffee in my life because it is healthy. Since it tastes bitter like filter coffee, I prefer to eat it with a date to give it flavor.


The taste is really delicious!

When I tried Turkish coffee before, it tasted very bitter and I never felt the need to try it after that day. I guess I shopped at the wrong coffee shop at that time. The taste of this coffee was very mild and the smell was very real! Now I'm happy that I can enjoy coffee too. Why? Because I used to admire people who drink coffee. I congratulate these people who do their job well and thank them for their service.




Besides my interest in Türkiye, you always write awesome reviews about different places in Istambul and I enjoy them. This one is part of it! Congratulations!

Thank you for expressing this. It makes me incredibly happy that someone enjoys reading what I write. I hope that beautiful Istanbul will soon be freer than before and will see the value it deserves. We would be very happy to host you here too. On behalf of my country and myself, I thank you for your kind words 🙏🤍🌈🌸🇹🇷

We would be very happy to host you here too.

Wow, that would be a dream come true!

It has been a pleasure! 😉

Yay! 🤗
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