Meditation day of purification, healing! 🧘🤍

in Olio di Balena11 months ago

I'm declaring today as a day of purification, healing and meditation for me. I've been very busy for a few days and I haven't had time to stop and think. I try to give myself a very short time to meditate during the day and try to stay centered and in the moment every day. On the days when I don't meditate, I feel like I'm going downhill spiritually, like the day never happened, so it's a must for me to go to my room and be alone with myself, even if it's just for a short time during the day. I had to step out of this routine for a few days and I have been feeling busy for days. Today I wanted to cancel all my work and leave myself to peace and meditation.


In Istanbul / Eyüpsultan, I visited the tomb of Eyüpsultan Hazretleri, a mystical, religious person who I have been visiting since my childhood and who is visited by citizens of different countries every day of the year. My childhood, youth and school years were always here. After school, we would always walk in the courtyard of this mausoleum.



At that time I was too young to understand the spiritual value of this place, but over time I understood the value of this place much better. And the road kept bringing me here. When I am sad, I always come here and pray.



People who come here make wishes and when their wishes come true, they come back here and distribute treats such as Turkish delight and chocolate to the visitors. I have witnessed many people whose wishes have come true. This place has a tremendous energy!


Today again there was an incredible crowd of visitors, many of them tourists. Everyone was wiping something. Of course, I also have beautiful wishes and dreams that I would like to see come true. I hope the dreams of everyone with a pure heart will come true. Sending love to everyone from this beautiful day...🙏🤍🧘