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It was hot again! After spending the whole night between sleeping and waking up, it was finally morning. Since I couldn't sleep, I thought I should at least get up, prepare a nice breakfast and start the day motivated, but even eating in this weather was no fun. After being tossed around the house all day, it finally got a little cooler as the evening approached and we decided to go out and walk our dog in the park, but after we got in the car, we changed our route to somewhere else!


We couldn't eat anything because of the heat so we went to a nice English restaurant and had something to eat. We come here very often and the drinks and food are very good and the animals are very welcome and the staff are very kind to the animals.


I'm telling you, we never run out of action! Just as we were eating, a cat came up to us. I think he was bored with the heat and was looking for someone to fight with. Of course, he chose us among all the people and came and sat next to our table. Of course, my dog went crazy when he saw him and we had a hard time calming him down. While we were trying to calm him down, the cat glanced at us with all his comfort.


Fortunately, we left without any unwanted situation. The cat? He sat down at our table to eat some of our leftover food. Cats really know their job.🐺🐈


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