The Night! 🦉🌌

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My childhood friend moved out of the city a long time ago. He comes to visit me regularly every month, stays for 10 days and then goes back to his home outside the city. Even though the cities are separated, our bond with her is never broken. Even calling him my friend now feels inadequate. My friend, my brother, maybe I can define him with a different bond that has no name. I am a person who values spirituality very much and hopes to experience only real things in life. I am closed to all fake relationships. How lucky I am that life has brought me a true friend! Now I am sitting with him on the terrace of our house watching the sunset and reminiscing about the years and memories I have spent. How quickly time passes, doesn't it?



The sky seems to be accompanying us today, looking extra emotional, extra sad and yet beautiful! Don't the clouds look like cotton candy?


Since my friend is very interested in spiritual subjects like me, we are always watching the sky and chatting about the secrets of the universe. She tells me about the stones she used for energy cleansing during the full moon two days ago. I also had a crate full of natural stones, but they all stayed in storage with my other belongings. I want to get my stones and do an energy cleansing as soon as possible.


It is a beautiful night... 🦉


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