Mr. Positive Quote of the Day 240 - Transformation

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Hello LikeTu'ers and Hivians,

As I wake up and start putting out my first post at 6:30am in Newfoundland on a Sunday. The last day for my 9 day break from work. But to 'normal' life again tomorrow.

Let me have a look at this quote.

“It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs.”
― Jillian Michaels

This applies to Hive so much. How many times have I talked to people about not getting a post out because it was not upto their personal standards, it was not worthy to publish, it was not perfect. Far to many times.

I am sure some my my regualar readers believe some of my posts are shit, but I do put in the effort, even if it is just the effort to get a post out.

The quote suits me for Hive. I have shown up every single day since I joined HIve 1392 days ago. This post will be the 1392nd day in a row that I posted. That is effort.

Transformation: Ask anyone on Hive that has been around longer than me if I have changed. Changed for the better. The answer will be Yes. I never got the nick name Mr. Positive for no reason.

Hive has helped change me for the better. Because I desided to put in the effort, not because I set a goal to be perfect. I set the goal to show up every single day to Hive and put in the effort every single day.

I know you can also.


  1. Post on Hive at least once a day
  2. Bring some joy to my wife today
  3. Onboard Vanessa to Hive
  4. Stay positive and keep a good attitude
  5. Promote Hive to someone new
  6. Get Curation Trial to 200 people
  7. Hit 6000 HP by end of 2023
  8. Do 2000 strait days posting on Hive
  9. LPUD every month in 2023
  10. Save 1 Million HBD in my life time


Please check out CTPX

Please check out List Nerds

Don't forget to check out the The PIzza Plan

Don't forget to check out our Curation Trail

Have a super positive day everyone.

All roads lead to Hive.

What is Hive?


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Post on Hive at least once a day
Bring some joy to my wife today
Onboard Vanessa to Hive
Stay positive and keep a good attitude
Promote Hive to someone new

It seems i have been following your foot steps on Hive, because i have been adapting to Goal No.1, No.4 and No.5.
I am sorry @bradleyarrow, i guess i have to apply this your personal goals to my own way of life.
Thanks for the post, you've being an amazing writer.

That's all good. If I am helping 😀

Powerful quote, transformation must take place.