Relax with beautiful nature, fresh air and beautiful views of the mountains in Luang Prabang

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Hello everyone on Liketu and Hive Blog

I have been away from posting for a long time.....  When I come back to post again, there will be a little bit forgotten.  Because i have disappeared for that long. After COVID-19 has passed, I believe that many people will be busy going back to work. As for me, when I started working again, my life during this time was extremely hectic.  You need to find a new job and the work you do during this time will be different from the work you did in the past.  Therefore, you must be determined to complete your work successfully.

Once I separated from work. I have to find a place to relax our minds a bit. So I chose to go to the Rice plantation at the top of a mountain in a village on the outskirts of the country to find a unique place to visit and be as close to the nation as possible. Let me tell you, once you reach the top of this place, you will feel that it is very worth it. Plus, the scenery here is very beautiful. The weather is the best, the wind blowing through is cool and refreshing. There was also fruit to take home with us, thanks to the owner for letting us take our vegetables and fruits home as well.
For today, thank you all for reading my post and I hope you all enjoy my post bye bye.
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Pretty photos my friend

Thank you

Great shots, welcome back :)

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