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RE: Sport Photography: one of the outdoor gyms I use in Prague

in Liketu7 months ago

Outdoor gym, are you sure it is not just a playground for adults ;)

Joking aside, it looks great, you are lucky to have such a place nearby for you to use. Great post! =)


Well, any gym is a playground for adults if you think about it :D But yeah, this one looks like a playground indeed ;) Definitely missing the actual "pumping iron" vibes of the place that I frequented in Krakow:


Thanks for stopping by! :)

Looks great to, and yea you kind of expect to see Arnold walking by any time =)

Actually, I visited that Arnold´s iconic gym Muscle Beach in L.A. and honestly, I like this one in Krakow better :D

I imagine it was good back in the 80ies in its hay day. But I think most modern ones probably are better. But still cool to have been there =)

Yeah. The vibes are still there though ;)