Deranged Photography Contest new theme announcement and winners of the Yellow Theme

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These week, the theme is water. This theme is pretty open for interpretation and any image with water in it will be accepted. Water is one of the most important things on earth. We need it to survive, but we also use it for fun. Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do and I love being in or near the water. I am excited to see what you all provide for this week's theme.


How is the Deranged Photography Contest set up?

Every Sunday, I will announce a new theme for the week and you will have until Friday to get your submission in. There will be two tiers for the contest. A professional tier and an amateur tier. When making your submission, you must state which tier you will be competing in. I usually get a lot of entries, so make sure to follow all the rules or else your submission won't count and will likely be ignored.

I will not allow any entry that is not your own original photography. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else's work, you will be flagged and banned from participating in any future contest. So make sure that the photos you are submitting are ones that you personally take.

All entries must be done through the Liketu front end. One of the goals of the contest is to create more awareness of Liketu, so make sure that you create your post from

You only get one entry per week, so make sure to spend some time on getting a good photo and creating a fun post about your entry. You will need to submit a link to your post in the comment section of the contest announcement post and you will need to include at least one image from your post in the comment you make. You are encouraged to share more than one image in your post. The more effort you put into your post, the more chance you have for curation and possibly winning your tier.

On top of a chance for curation from Liketu, the top three entries in each tier will be awarded as follows:

1st8 Hive4 Hive
2nd5 Hive3 Hive
3rd3 Hive2 Hive


Rules overview

  • Your entry must be made on Liketu.
  • No plagiarism. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will be flagged and banned from future contest.
  • You must state the tier you are competing in, Professional or Amateur.
  • You must comment on the weekly contest announcement post with a link to your entry and at least one photo from your post.

The rules are pretty easy, so make sure to follow them or your entry will be ignored. Now onto the first theme for the contest!


Winners of the Yellow Theme

Pro tier

1st Place @marc-allaria

2nd Place @tommyl33

3rd Place @arbalestarx7

Amateur Tier

1st Place @mengao

2nd Place @sigota

3rd Place @friendlymoose


Hi! Here is my entry (Pro tier).

Epic shot

Thanks a lot, glad you like it :)

Thanks for choosing my entry for third place, and congrats to all the other winners.

Here's my entry for this week for the Pro Tier!


Hello @derangedvisions good afternoon
This is my image and the amateur participation link

I wish you all a splendid evening

That would be such a relaxing place to spend the evening

yes, it is a relaxing place to see a beautiful sunset, while you drink some exquisite craft beers

This is my entry for armature tier for this week .


Hello, Congratulations to the winners.

Here my entry as an amateur.


My publication of this week for amateur level.


This my entry

I'm participating at the amateur level

The water that flew into the air I took a photo with my cellphone camera
Sea water on the beach in the afternoon
Water waves in the sea at sunset

Thank you! really happy to get 1st on amateur. Congrats to everyone who is participating, really nice pictures!
This is my entry, again on amateur tier.


This is my entry for armature tier for this week


You got some amazing yellow entries in the last round, congrats to the winners and wishing you a lot of cool water entries in the new round :) Sounds like fun.

@tipu curate

We got some good entries. Hopefully you can get an entry in for this new theme.

Thank you @derangedvisions. I can see that all photos are very elaborated !!

Thanks for participating. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this week.

Thanks for selecting my image @derangedvisions

And congratulations @sigota @mengao @arbalestarx7 @tommyl33 @marc-allaria
Marvellous images you all submitted!

Thanks @friendlymoose . Congratulation you and other , @sigota @mengao @arbalestarx7 @marc-allaria for being listed . !PIZZA

Thanks! Congrats for you too 🎉

Thanks! Congrats for you too and the other winners 🎉

Thanks for listing my picture to the winner list :). !PIZZA


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Thank you so much for your appreciation @derangedvisions

Congrats to other winners @marc-allaria, @tommyl33, @arbalestarx7, @mengao, @friendlymoose. Those are amazing images!

The yellow entries were top.

I should be able to enter this one for sure.😌

Hi @derangedvisions, here's my entry (amateur tier):

But I don’t understand. I’ve uploaded 4 images, but it’s only 2 images showed (the third and the fourth image). This is the first image that should be the cover of the post:

water fountain 01.jpeg

And this is the second one:

water fountain 02.jpeg


Other link:

This is my participation in the contest organized by @derangedvisions
I chose the path of amateur photograph

Until you get yourself removed from the Spaminator downvote, you will not be eligible to compete in my contest.