Wonderful waterfalls of pure and crystal clear water. Deranged photography contest. / Maravillosas cascadas de agua pura y cristalina. Concurso de fotografía desquiciada.

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Hello my dear Hivers friends! Today I am here with you to share a photograph that I really like of the San Martín waterfalls, located in the Iguazú National Park in northern Argentina.
With this photo I participate at an amateur level in the crazy photography contest with the theme "Water" by @derangedvisions.


I hope it is to your pleasure! A tender greeting. Bye!


Hola mis queridos amigos Hivers! Hoy estoy aquí con ustedes para compartir una fotografía que me gusta mucho de las cascadas de San Martín, situadas en el parque Nacional de Iguazú en el norte de Argentina.
Con esta foto participo a nivel amateur al concurso de fotografía desquiciada con temática " Water" de @derangedvisions .


Espero que sea de su placer! Un saludo afectuoso. Chau!

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Congratulations @marisa0949!
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I like the angle of this. We can see a lot more of the waterfalls. Wonderful!