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RE: Technology Is The Result Of Brain Evidence. Proof Of Brain Photo Contest.

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Is your country still using cash predominantly? There is a coming 'war' on cash to enable government surveillance of all financial records for everybody.
CBDC's are the talk of many Central banks now, I wonder as a worker in a Bank, whether you have heard much about this in your country? I know that Modi took some larger notes out of circulation to reduce "money laundering", but I feel like the next step is just to force everybody to use a CBDC.


Yes, we still use this type of machine and work with cash. In my country, there is no such development to deal with online transactions, which means buying and selling without using physical cash.

Second, I'm not aware of CBDC, and there is no such function in place here. For your information, I am from Pakistan, and MODI is India's Prime Minister.

I see.

About the India thing, I saw Indiaunited tag so assumed you are from India.