Celebrating My Birthday at Pandan Dream!

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Birthday meal out!

I had the privilege to celebrate my birthday two times with my husband and my two boys. We usually loved to celebrate via eating. No doubt, eating equals celebration in all sense. I could not think of other ways of celebration, eating out was extraordinary because I got to eat the food not cooked by me, that was the whole point! Let's celebrate.

Pandan Dream!

My birthday was on public holiday yearly. I wanted to cook for family to save some money but husband said to let the queen rest. I said, "Yes!" I had never been to Pandan Dream before. The husband and the boys did. So they suggested there so that I could try the food. We ordered few dishes to be shared together, so that each of us got to try variety of food.

The food we ordered

1. Claypot Yee Mee

I knew this place was more famous for their Western food and cakes, but I did not feel like eating those. My local tastebud was strong that day, so, eventually I ordered from the local section, a dish called Claypot Spicy Yee Mee Soup. Honestly, I should have listened to my husband and the children to order something different. The yee mee soup was alright but really, nothing extraordinary for the price paid. Oh well....

2. Chicken Meatball Spaghetti

My eldest son chose this dish. He is a pasta, burger, pizza kind of boy. And what a great choice. The pasta was delicious with well-balanced tomatoes sauce and generous amount of grated parmesan. If only they used the handmade chicken meatballs. They were the usual frozen chicken meatballs, those processed meat.

3. Signature Chicken Chop

Husband ordered this and he was on carnivore diet. Needless to say, it was tasty. The chicken cooked to perfection and soft juicy on the inside. The mashed potatoes were delicious. Husband was not feeling that hungry, so we all got to have few bites of the chicken chop. Super satisfying.

Banana and Chocolate Ice cream waffle

I did not feel like eating any cakes, so we settled for this one as our dessert of the day. It better be good because it was not cheap. And true enough, very yummy. The waffle texture was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, coupled with the ice cream and banana, simply mouth-watering. I also packed one plain waffle drizzled with butter and honey for my friend whom I was going to meet after the meal.

French Fries

We asked the youngest one what would he want to order. It was a super early dinner so he was not hungry at all. So he ordered a plate of fries, while sharing all other food with us. Even the fries here were the ones from better quality kind of fries, properly fried too, with some salt and herbs toppings.

We also had a cup of latte for my husband and I. Slurppp!!!

I would certainly come back here to try other food. The ambience was great, although when super crowded, it could be noisy due to the noise echoes. However, still good to come here for the food.

I always love to celebrate others, but this year, I am learning again to celebrate myself. To not forget about myself. I used to feel odd celebrating myself, like I did not feel the need to. My husband realised that I had been putting so much time for home and family and others that I had forego myself in many ways. He reminded me again and again to do something which I loved. I love everything beautiful, be it art, or fashion or makeup. Time and cash were my limit. But that did not mean I could not start somewhere. I remembered I invested in some art materials to produce some art for NFTs. And I also invested some money in changing my wardrobe which I had never done in 10 years. It is never too late to celebrate yourself. Just know that you are the only you in the world, although imperfect but you are ONE and ONLY. You can be the reason that the world lights up brighter.

I am grateful that I am loved by God and many other people. I love life as it is. Life has its portion of perfection and imperfections. The life that I have now, I want to live it all out by the grace of God. I love my privilege as a child of God, my role as a mother and wife, my position as a daughter and a sister. Etc. Okay, that's all for my speech. Thank you for staying through. 😁❤️

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Happy Birthday 🎂

Thank you, @jerrytsuseer. Yup yup, I had some help for the food. 😁👍

Thank you 😍

Happy Birthday. Food and family time is a great way to spend your special day 🎂🎈 🎉

Thank you. You sure are 100% correct. Food and family time = best of the best. 🥳

You are loved by me as well my friend.
I started to comment, that you ate all that by yourself? 😯
But I see you had help.


Happy Birthday! Goodness the foods looks really good. A perfect birthday celebration is when we have foods like this 🤤

You are right. Food must be present for celebration. 😍 Thank you, dear sis.

Happy Birthday to you 🎂 Such a wonderful celebration with lots of yummy food! We share the same birthday =)

Happy happy birthday to you too. 🎊🎉🎂💓