Big milestone achieved: just hit 5k HP and became a dolphin! 🐬🙏

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Hey guys!

I´m very excited to share some big news with you today. After more than 5 years of blogging on this amazing blockchain, I finally hit the magical milestone of 5,000 Hive Power and that means that I´m now officially a dolphin according to the old metrics from the previous chain 🙂

So let me just say a big thank you to everyone who has been reading and supporting my content over the years, I really really appreciate it guys!

And because special occasions requires special photos, here is one for you.

Why is it so special? Because I took it on my very favorite place in the world, on the breathtaking Mexican island called Holbox 😉 ✨Sweet memories...

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Congrats - and what a wonderful sunset /sunrise...

Many thanks!!☀️🙏

Que fotografía tan hermosa me encanto las aves en ese lindo atardecer

Muchas gracias. La foto es de México, mi lugar favorito en el mundo!!💙

Congratulations to your Hive achievement!
BTW Nice sunset photo.

Thank you very much for your lovely feedback and support! Have a nice Sunday:)

Many congratulations on reaching this milestone!!! It is a lovely achievement and that is a gorgeous photo to celebrate with.

Yeah, It's unbelievable, I remember how I started...Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving this nice comment here:)

Congratulations to you , I am really happy for you.

Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it🙏

You are welcome

Congratulations on this milestone of reaching 5k HP, a very important figure and I hope you continue to grow much more.

Best regards.

Many thanks for nice comment!
Hive on!!🔥

Velká gratulace k tomuto velkému milníku! Vítej ve světě delfínů :) :*

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