Travel diary - This is Africa: football match during sunset

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Hey guys!

Africa is a football country. You can literally say that they live for football.
Every day at sunset time the beaches are filled with people playing soccer. Age doesn't matter, everyone plays together. It is amazing to watch their joy and how they are able to enjoy life and savor the moment. They don't have football equipment or jerseys. They just have passion and pleasure for the game.
Even Zanzibar is not a member of FIFA and therefore could not participate in the World Cup. The island is part of the state of Tanzania.
When I asked the boys who is their favorite player, they told me Messi or Mbappé.

Anyway, it was experience amazing and I´m happy to share some photos of them now with you.


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I can just imagine being there. My son would join in with the other kids. This trip must have been so special for you. Wouldn't people from Zanzibar be admitted to the Tanzanian team?
Great photos - I love the pink purple hue of the evening.

Thank you for nice words. Yeah, Zanzibar has become very special to us!💖
Have a nice weekend!

How fun it sounds! Those are great photos.

I love it when people get together to play a sport just for fun and hang out.

Yeah, they had a blast!
Have a nice day!☀️

To byl zápas! Kravičky za brankou nestačily zírat :D

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