Travel diary - This is Africa: Streets of Zanzibar

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Hello guys,

happy Easter to everyone celebrating, I hope you are having a great time!
Today I have another post from Africa, a few random photos of the street atmosphere. Like everything else, also the streets are very different from those we know from Europe. They are kind of magical. Everywhere you can see the calm and relaxing mood. People are selling something that they have grown or just lying in front of their houses. Women often go to the water source to wash clothes and talk together there.
It is common to see animals on the street grazing freely, looking for garbage or anything to eat. They are chickens and cows most often.
They also often dry seaweed from the sea in front of their house to sell.
Only the main roads are asphalt, so when the sun is shining they are very dusty and when it rains it is literally a flood, because for now they do not have sewerage.

It's great to see how others live differently, very slowly and happily.
Enjoy the pictures!

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Hakuna Matata and Pole Pole at their most relaxed :)

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Asante sana!☀️

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