Doggy Riverside Run

in Liketu3 months ago


Another good run on a sunny autumn day, with the dog who, although it started with a lot of joy, halfway through it started to nibble my legs as if to tell me "can you stop now? I'm getting tired!"... I have to say that The dog is also a little out of his best shape and has a few kilos left over.
The run ran along the river, crossing crop fields, wetlands, and riverside flora.
It was just over 8km in about 40 minutes, then some core strengthening exercises and gentle stretching.
In total this week I have run about 23 km, it is not bad at all although I would like to get as close as possible to 30 km a week.
That is my main goal in the short term, then we will see...
Keep on running!

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You are working very hard and doing great. Getting spare time is also valuable because IF I talk about myself, I am so much busy that having walk is also very difficult for me.

I really admire your hard work you are actually putting in working and producing results

When a person walks alone, he gets very bored. It is good that you take your dog with you and both enjoy it and your running is complete.