Intensity is Back...

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After yesterday's "long" and slow run, I wanted to do something a little stronger, so, since I don't feel any discomfort in my legs either, I decided to start with simple "speed games", that is, a Fartlek intervals of 1 minute fast and one minute slow.
So, in summary, 2 km warm-up jog, 10x(1'Fast+1'Slow), 1km Cool-down jog...
I have run the fast intervals at an average of 3'50"/km, the slow intervals I have run at an average of 5'20"/km.
Maximum heart rate reached 173 bpm
All this in a total of 35 minutes, then light stretches and a hot shower.
Complete menu to start the week!

More details about my activity in the next @strava2hive post, later on.

Keep on running!

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This is really at a really fast pace

If you want to go for a daily run, your shoes should be good enough so that you don't have pain in the inside of your feet.