Running in a Post-industry and Future Residential Area

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Day of a progressive run, from less to more, this time I have done it towards the north, overcoming the border of the city and entering a post-industrial area where it seems that they are going to urbanize, to the misfortune of the future inhabitants who will live here.
The place, although it is on the seashore, is possibly one of the most polluted in the region since it housed a lot of industry... in fact, dangerous concentrations of heavy metals have been detected in the sands of these beaches since, in In the 60s, environmental or ecological awareness was not in fashion.
The fact is that it will take a few decades to recover this area... but that does not seem to be important, the desire to sell of many heartless real estate agents is going to be much stronger than health here...
Regarding the run, I felt really strong, probably because my body has assimilated the interval work done last Monday and it seemed like a comfortable walk.
More data about my activity will be published later in my @strava2hive post.
Keep on running!


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I guess the benefits of living in Spain include an autumn that looks like spring for the rest of us who live in colder European countries.

Yes, but we are having a hard time with the drought, if it doesn't rain soon we are going to have serious problems

That's not nice...

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Your health I presume will definitely be in a healthy condition with constant run you engaged into