First Hive Meetup - Hamburg 2024 - Arrival/Day 1

in BuzzParty Meet Hive!last month (edited)

The Hive Buzzparty Meetup in Hamburg is concluded and I am traveling by train making the journey home and found some time to make a post. I have read many posts of people who attended previous HiveFest meetups and how they were a great experience and that Hive has a very special community and I can confirm after the event that this is very true and I had a great time in Hamburg and it was great to meet so many really cool Hivers in real life and have so many awesome conversations with the amazing backdrop of Hamburg where we were blessed with some super weather too.

I departed early Friday morning and had a 5+ hour train ride north which went smoothly. Being a country boy here in Germany, it was a shock to arrive at Hamburg and be surrounded by so many people and city living. However, I soon settled into the hustle and bustle of things and orientated myself to my hotel which was 1 stop from the main train station, arriving around 2pm.

The hotel was like one of those boutique trendy hostels and was very nice to stay in. The staff were very friendly and only the lift was maybe scary. After my long travels, I took in a siesta to restore my energy levels before heading out to explore. Other Hivians were arriving later so I was planning to meet up for some dinner later.

At the main train station, I headed off exploring along the main shopping streets until I reached the town hall which was an impressive building. Further exploring there were some lovely sights, shops and cafes in this area. Hamburg in this part was very well maintained and seemed very safe, even for a solo travleler.

I was not sure how the weather would be as the forecast wasnt so good. I prepared with an umbrella and my fishermans hat in case there was a cold wind from the north. However, it was not so cold and it was a pleasant walk around the town and gave me some bearings.

The city is very well maintained with train and subway connections and you can install an app to guide you to your journey.

Some of the things on my list that I wanted to see were the famous Speicherstadt, the Elbphilharmonie and some of the Harbour. In the end, I can say there are lots more to see in Hamburg, and 3 days is probably a good amount of time for a city trip there.

I was to learn there are 5 main churches covering the Hamburg skyline and each look very unique and impressive. This one is near the town hall and I found out that the door knocker was re-attached to the door when they rebuilt the church after it had been destroyed and is still original. Hamburg feels like it has a long and interesting history and there is lots you could explore and learn about. In april with good weather seems a great idea as it is not so over run with tourists.

After my wandering I became tired and headed back to base to rest, which was a good decision in hindsight as Saturday was to be a long day.

Here is the view next to the oldest coffee shop in Hamburg that has an interesting history being rebuilt over 5 times in its history and being created by a french immigrant.

Although people say that I am a very relaxed person, as this was my first Hive meetup, I was starting to get apprehension about the meetup and how it would be. The meetup was scheduled for 10am near the harbour side the next day and I would meet my first Hiver in real life.

Thanks for reading!

All images and photos are my own.

Let's connect : mypathtofire


Thank you So much for going and representing Ecency! I am so thrilled that it was an awesome experience for you. ♥️♥️♥️ I'm truly envious that you got to visit this beautiful city and meet so many of my favorite people!

It was great to represent Ecency and it was easy to speak about it as I use it everyday! It was a lovely event and meeting so many Hivers in one place was really awesome. I havent had so many laughs and smiles with great people in a long time. Big thanks to @irisworld for the great slides and video, I couldnt have done it without this great help.

I have elected you as our official Ecency spokesman! ❤️

You did a great job! Thanks for representing Ecency at the Hive meetup!


Thank you! Big thanks for the brilliant slides and video!

Thank you for your trust. I'm glad I could help in some way 🤗

I've always wanted to visit Hamburg, in fact I would very much like to go back to Germany having not visited in many years. Cities are a bit of a shock to the system aren't they, I feel like that when going to London! Live in the country too.

I have gotten used to the countryside and how much more spaced out we are compared to the cities! They are still nice to visit though. I can definetly recommend Hamburg as a cool city visit with plenty to do and a cool vibe to it.

There are two things which I have never done in my life. First, travel by train and second; any kind of hive meetup. I hope I could also have this kind of travel through train and then I could stay in gothic hotel like this with scary lift 😂.

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I am pretty scared of enclosed spaces and this old style lifts are not making me feel secure! The train travel has been pretty good both the travel north and around Hamburg! I hope you get to experience those things soon my friend! Thanks for your support!

Don't forget to take more pictures. The weather does look very rainy indeed. No bright skies and all that. It's always heightened emotions to meet people for the first time.

The next days the weather picked up very nicely for our trips outside. It was abit nerve-racking to meet people you have never met before for the first time, but it turned out to be like chatting to people you have known for a long time and I felt at ease very quickly, even being more introverted than extroverted.

Oh, you never met one of us before? Didnt know this, it always seems you are part of hive for ages. So indeed this must have been a very exciting moment for you

It does feel as if I should have met some Hivers a long time ago, but I am glad I finally did it. The Hamburg Crew were such a lovely bunch of people, I could treasure each one of them alot!

We have had an event of this type in Argentina and it is just like you say what happens when you meet other hivers in real life
What a beautiful experience you have had dear friend @mypathtofire

What a beautiful and charming city to visit, I really like the construction styles of the buildings.

How great to have had the time to see some beautiful places in Hamburg

Have a great day

Thank you my friend @jluifer. It was a great weekend experience that exceeded my expectations and meeting some amazing Hivers who were just such lovely people that I cannot forget the great time we had together.

As I remember when I was in Hamburg before covid time it was great experience. Even considering that it was November but me and my friends we're lucky enough with weather and our time schedule.
I even wrote several posts on Hive about my travel to Germany in 2020.
Can you share with us which app did you use to walk around the city?

That sounds cool. I didnt expect to find such a cool vibe to the place as I did and with some good weather, I think you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. I will need to check out your posts about your visit.

I used the app, which allows you to buy your tickets online and without any stress and a little cheaper. The only thing I would say is they should add in the tram "direction" to ticket suggestions so you can find your way even more easier, but you will find your way around no problems.

It was great to meet you. Hopefully it wasn't the last time me donating you trash !LOOL

It was great to meet you and hopefully we can meet up again. I really appreciate your trash donations! 😅😂

Wer schummelt im Dschungel?

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Such events are one that I would love to attend if I get wel settled ,meeting new people from al around the world and creating connect's

I hope you will attend some Hive events and have some great fun to connect with other Hivers.

Nice start. I'm waiting for the next :)

Thanks man! Has been a great weekend!

I'm waiting for the Day 2 :)

Ah, this is My Day 2, but the first official Day of the BuzzParty! 😉

It was great to see you and have a chat 😉 We love your main image of the cold Beetroot soup 🤩 Now that you had a taste of Hive meetup, hope you will join the next one 😉

Thanks guys! It was awesome to hang out with you guys and love the work you are doing on and off Hive! Definetly hope to be at another meetup soon. Big respect, you hit Hamburg hard!

Your photographs @mypathtofire of that city are beautiful, and what a beautiful experience you had on this occasion when attending this beautiful event with other hive users

Thank you. It was a lovely backdrop to a great occassion meeting other Hivers and having good fun!

It was really nice to get to know you and to be able to exchange thoughts with you. Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon and can delve even deeper into things :) Also, thanks again for your feedback, help, and your presentation :) See you real soon!

Thanks tibfox! It was really awesome to meet you and a big thanks for the great meetup and sharing your great city with us Hivers. Hope to see you again and see you again soon!

You’re actually making me want to attend a Hive meetup someday
You’re the first person I’m reading the review of how the Hamburg Hive event went. I’m glad you enjoyed it
Would you like to go for more Hive meetups?

Thanks, it was a great event and I hope to go to some more in the future! It was really a lot of fun to meet other cool Hivers!

Hamburg ist ne geile Stadt. Die Fischauktionshalle und die vielen alten Röstereien haben es in sich. Ich freue mich, dass du einen tollen Hive meetup in der Hansestadt hattest.

Danke! Du hast vollkommenrecht! Hamburg ist echt ne geile Stadt! Leider habe ich nur die Fischauktionshalle nicht gesehen. Aber es ist eine gute Grunde nochmal zu besuchen! 😀 Die Hive Meetup war klasse und ich habe viele tolle Hivers kennengelernt! Kommst du zu einer irgendwann?

Wenn ich in der Gegend bin, klar doch!

Its great to hear that you have gotten to a hive meeting-up. I'm looking forward to hearing how it went !
Hamburg is a lovely city, I've been a few times, and the town centre is just stunning !
Enjoy !

Thanks. I'm glad to have visited, it was a great time with people and Hamburg is also top to visit too. I didn't really see anything the last time I was there, so it was cool to see so much.

It was an absolute banger of a meetup! :) It seems like we are manifesting a little Hive fest in Europe as tradition! Am I wrong ? :O :P

It was great fun man! You are right there! 😅

!discovery 25

Thanks for your support.

I love reading these stories of encounters and meetups at Hive. It's great that you lived this experience, plus I know that you met with great people that I admire a lot like you. Good things happen to good people Steve, and I hope there are more wonderful things to come for you inside and outside of Hive 🙏 This account of the first day says a lot about your excitement upon arriving in the city, I hope I don't miss other posts from you and other good friends who attended. I send you a hug brother and my best wishes of success for you ✌️

Thanks Jesus. It was great to get my first Hive meetup under my belt and it makes you want to go to more and meet some more wonderful Hivians. I have a few more posts about the event as we did so much there, it was amazing.

Oooh was so cool reading this after meeting you! Because at first, not knowing the person i could tell that you’re a nice guy and now I know it for sure!!

I didn’t have the chance to go around the city before we toured with the trip, that’s something that I miss. Wise man, resting before was the best choice you made hahaha.

Thanks for your kind words. I am glad to have joined with you and the guys and we stayed til the very end!

I am glad also I got plenty of rest on Friday too! What an action packed weekend we had! 😅

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It was a pleasure meeting you in Hamburg. I hope we have the chance to meet again at another Meetup for more interesting discussions.

Thanks Arcange! It was great to meet you in person and thanks for the very pleasant time and conversations. I look forward to the next time!

Already over? Looking forward to hearing/reading more about it.

Yeah, the time flew by quite quickly, I will have a few posts to cover the event, we did so many things and met so many cool Hivers!

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