Hive BuzzParty Presentations, Greek Restaurant & Beer Saturday!

As they say in german die Reise geht weiter "the journey continues". The boat trip came to an end and it was time to get down to some serious business and we then were heading to the venue to have first a spot of lunch and then watch some Hive presentations, including one that I would do myself!

The venue was in a really cool part of town that seems to have many cool businesses and hangout places including bars and restaurants where people can hangout that is abit alternative to the more commercialised part of town.

The vibe was really good and had that Prenzlauer Berg feel to it that you have in Berlin. Although, @tibfox was to inform me that the area is starting to become more gentrified lately too.

Once we had grabbed some of the buffet food to eat, the presentations started and @tibfox gave us a run down of the schedule and logistics. Everything was really well organised and many important details were considered even to ensure that any left over food would be donated to the local homeless people who seem to be suffering in the city. In Hamburg and many German large cities, the homeless do seem to be a vulnerable part of society that are badly neglected and suffer very badly. It was great that @tibfox had thought about such a great thing to do.

The presentations continued and it was great to hear about the projects many people were working on. One that was very impressive was the amazing work by the @coldbeetrootsoup guys with their latest project helping out a school in Venezuela. They really are doing their best to make a big impact helping people out around the world. I am looking forward to where the project goes next as they have achieved alot in a short space of time already.

I was really looking forward to meeting these guys as I have heard them on the Ecency Discord and read their posts and see the great work they have done for Hive onboarding quality new Hivers, but to meet them in person was awesome because they are such a charasmatic team that brought lots of energy to the meetup.

They were always in great spirits and ready to help out with your presentation and were working really hard. I was really looking forward to trying their cold beetroot soup that I was thinking about since they were in Amsterdam and I finally go to try some at the venue.

I am a huge fan of beetroots and beetroot soup, especially the hot one, so it was with great happiness that I could try the famous soup made by the guys themselves. There was a lovely selection of local breads that you could choose to eat with it and I opted for the lovely rustic one that you can see here.

It was a very tasty bread that went very well with the soup. I can say that it had a very good taste and texture and went very well with this lovely bread. Great work guys!

The venue was very tastefully decorated by some art pieces like the ones you can see here. These you could scan the barcode and buy them in the NFT store. I really liked the display and am sad I didn't get around to buying something as a momento of the occassion.

Talking of momentos, there was lots of cool merch available where people took the things they liked. Armed with our merch, we were spreading the Hive vibes as we were traveling around Hamburg!

All of the presentations were charasmatically delivered, here was one by @ph1102 who presented about the Liotes project. I am a curator for the project, so it was good to meet another member of the team at the event and see the presentation. I shared these fotos back to base with the other co-founder of the project @achim03 so he could get a glimpse of the presentation and event too.

I found all the presentations very good and informative. There was a great presentation by @detlev for his community which has been running for over 300+ weeks which was very impressive and @arcange who presented the Hive Authentication tool which looks very cool.

I very much enjoyed the presentation by @alessandrawhite which got everyone energised at the start and we learned alot about creativity and Hive which was really cool and empowering. @louis88 has made some great photos of the speakers and I recommend to check them out on his posts for yourself as mine do not do them justice.

I was due up second to last and was starting to get a little nervous as my time came closer. I was being followed up by the HiQ team who are naturals at presenting and so it was good that I could go before them.

photo courtesy of @ph1102

I was representing Ecency and it was such a pleasure to talk about the Dapp because it is my favorite tool on Hive and one of the popular and most used tools on Hive. As I use it every day, I know that you can do so much with it, not just on your desktop, but also on your phone with the amazing App which I just love!

photo courtesy of @ph1102

The presentation was a teamwork with a fellow Ecencial @irisworld (who I have added as 50% beneficiary to this post), who made the lovely colorful slide and video that I was lucky enough to present. One of the audience questions was how do you spell Ecencial, and we had to have a think about that if it is with a c or with an s..

As Ecency are constantly updating and adding new features, it was good to give an overview of the tool and talk about the app, decks, polls and what features we would like added to Ecency in the future. I have given this feedback to @goodkarma which he was eager to receive. Everyone is also welcome in the Ecency Discord to get any support and give any feedback or features wishes there so the Devs know what you would like.

Once the presentations were finished, everyone helped out by cleaning up and loading the car with @tibfox. We all then headed out lead by @detlev with the Beer Saturday sign and it was like being on a pub crawl and was made more fun with the Beer Saturday community leader himself. It was a very jovial affair as we were all carrying lots of Hive merch and the streets were full of people curious probably about what was Hive and Beer Saturday?

We made our way to the Greek restaurant which was a very nice place not far away and took a few tables inside. I enjoyed the company of @ph1102 and @ninaeatshere and the atmosphere and food were very pleasant. Everyone was enjoying a jolly time and the owner gave out lots of complimentary greek drinks to those who wanted.

After our food, we could start the Beer Saturday event proper and headed to the BrewDog brewery pub in the St.Pauli district which is also at the start of the famous Reeperbahn. The weather turned against us a little as we had some light rain, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

We passed by something called The Dom which is a big fairground park with a big wheel with lots of people visiting. It looked similar to the one at the Oktoberfest but without the beer tents.

We arrived to the pub and it was very impressive with our reserved tables so we could enjoy the place and our drinks in comfort. It is a special craft beer place with many great options to choose from and every drinker would be very well catered to. Here I had a good chance to chat a little with @cryptospa who is a crypto OG and it was good to make a new friend in the Hive Bulgarian community.

I also enjoyed some good conversation, wit and laughs with @edje whom has a great taste in music and cities. He was an honourary member of the hardcore gang and I hope he might lend me his NFT so that I can get to Satoshi's Island.

The selection of beers available was truly impressive and looked even more comprehensive than the World of Beers shop that I have visited. The selection was very well presented, fresh and looked so apetising. The prices looked pretty reasonable too. The barman was super friendly and you could have some recommendations of what to try if you asked and taste test something to be sure you ordered what you liked.

Presentation was everything and they had many cool glasses to go with the different beers too.

I was not drinking alcohol myself, but the party was getting in full swing and we didn't leave the venue until very late. Some people headed over to visit The Dom fair and others partied late into the night on the famous Reeperbahn. Eventually the bar wanted to close and so we decided to go home via the St.Pauli station and therefore could walk the Reeperbahn and see how it was on a Saturday night.

It was crazy busy with lots of revellers drinking and partying. It was cool to see so many bars and clubs in one place and it had that Amsterdam red light district feel to it, but without the canals and the parts I saw, not so sleezy. Although, I wasn't in Amsterdam for a few years, so am not sure what it is like these days.

It was a really long day and we had packed so much into it, I was looking forward to some nice rest to be charged for the final day where we would take part in the clean planet event and visit the Portuguese district. More about that in my next post.

Thanks for reading!

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All photos are my own unless stated.

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I have mixed feelings regarding the "presentation day" at #BuzzParty2024... As I didn't get more than 2 hours of sleep the previous night, I was weak, stressed, and nervous, but in the end, it was a great continuation in the Greek restaurant and the beer venue!!

I also enjoyed some good conversation, wit and laughs with @edje whom has a great taste in music and cities. He was an honourary member of the hardcore gang and I hope he might lend me his NFT so that I can get to Satoshi's Island.

Not sure that he is ready to share those NFTs 😛

Thanks for your great company!

You did a great job at the presentation, I think you had lots of engagement and answered many questions!

I hope @edje will lend the NFT, I am pretty keen to get to the island now, he really sold it to me.

Not sure that he is ready to share those NFTs 😛

HUH? why not? Ok, I have 3. Need 1 more and we go all together and we let your wife join in as well! 🎶🙃
Huhm, perhaps I need to add even more than that. Can think of a few additional peeps that shall join. Goal: at least a month of chill time on the other side of the planet! 🥳

AWESOME! Free NFTs, free flight to the island! I can't ask for more! 😃

hahahaha now you are stretching it 😆
but when the crypto (and fiat) gods are positive to me, who knows 🎶🙃

I'll take as well a NFT if you need to get rid of them....

Let me poke @edje to buy 1 more! 😂

I like to collect them, to give access to the island to others..... so am not selling them. I intend to buy even more! I assume at some point we'll create some kind of delegation system for these NFTs through which Citizen NFT holders can give temporary access to the island for others. Perfect for people coming to the island for a conference, or vacation. Perhaps tourist NFTs shall be created. It'll be fun and interesting to see how this will evolve. Today we are very very very early. This will need a few more years to settle and evolve 🙃


Looking great!
I wish I could join a hive meet up sometime!

It was a really great meetup! I can recommend to join one.

If there is no one around, we need to create one!

Amazing seems alot of fun :)) Great post!

Thanks! It was an amazing day and lots of fun. 😀

I so wanted to be there, but was with the team in Norway. So glad you all had fun!

It was a great fun event. Hopefully you can come to the next Hive meetup!

I simply just have to be there next time it's within a fair distance from me 😄

Yeah, it was not so far all considering 😀😅

Gosh It is true that you had to wait a lot to make your presentation, I can't imagine the accumulated nerves hahaha I would have to get out of it as soon as possible. I convey my congratulations, besides you of course, to your partner because the video and the slides looked great. I think it's good the way you conveyed your point of view of Ecency and I appreciate that you took note of our doubts and requests, really!

I really enjoyed the place and the decoration of our little conference center, it was an excellent idea of the NFTs and they were super nice.

Hey I couldn't take a good picture of the Ferris wheel at the fair hahaha I wish we were going to do the treasure hunt, but time and weather didn't help.

Thanks, it can build your nerves when waiting your turn to do the presentation. It was great that the audience was so cool and it was like speaking with a group of friends about a topic you love.

I thought the venue was so cool, the area with its hip counter culture vibe and atmosphere made it real fun. It was a side of Hamburg I didn't expect to see, but am so glad we did.

The Ferris wheel and The Dom looked cool, it is a great excuse to go back to Hamburg one day.

Looks like a nice meeting with the beetroot guys. Also, the soup looks delicious.

It was really good fun and the soup was awesome, I need to try and make a version myself!

Yeah, you should. Fresh beetroot is the best. Can't wait till I get some from our rented field again.

Thats so cool. I hope you will share some of your haul from there! (fotos i mean, not the haul itself 😅)

@mypathtofire! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ chaosmagic23. (3/10)

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It looks like you had a great time! Brew Dog is a pretty special place. I really like their Elvis Juice. They have a brewery/hotel here in the US where they actually have taps in your room so you can tell them what keg you want and they hook you up.

That sounds really cool with the taps in your room. We were talking that Brew Dog seemed very familiar to us all in the Craft Beer scene. I can vouch it was a great place to visit in Hamburg and probably a good place to start if you are heading onto the Reeperbahn!

I'm enjoying reading these posts. Sounds like it was a great time. And I love the fact that you all had a proper beer Saturday pub crawl ! How cool.

Thanks! It was really great fun with Detlev leading the charge! I havent laughed so much in ages.

That's great! What a nice meeting!

Thank you. It was a great time!

I can see you had a great time out there! The beetroot soup and rustic bread combo is mouthwatering, and the team's energy seems contagious. Great meetup all around; I wish I was there to enjoy this also. it's so nice you went there.

Thanks! I hope it gives you a nice impression of the event. It was an amazing time and the soup was definetly worth to travel for. I saw the bread and thought, what a great combo and it was delicious.

No problem, I would join you next time to enjoy your delicious meal.

Oh wowww
I am imagining what a nice feeling it must be to meet the hive people in real life working on different projects.

Great to hear that when everyone was presenting their projects and different things you also took part in and presented our love (ecency).

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Thank you. It was so nice to meetup with many Hivers in real life and talk about Ecency. I know people were so happy to talk about Ecency there. 😀

Man, that beetroot soup looks delicious, especially now that I haven't had breakfast yet.

Looks like you guys had a full first day!

It was a really great soup and I was so happy to try it. It went very well with the bread too.

The first day was amazing, so much fun!

oh wow real life hive meet up and you presented O.O. mypathtofire is doxed oooooo

yeah, thats it now... doxed... need a new username 😅

lol no its good to be doxed. means we know u real :3


o.o nothing wrong with that. only people will be after you now jk jk

You are too kind. Thank you very much for representing Ecency at the Hive Meetup. I am very glad that my presentation was helpful. And I'm very glad that we have such a friendly community like Ecency here on Hive!

You did a great job!


Thank you for your kind offer of help with the presentation. It is great we have such a friendly community in Ecency on Hive. I cant tell people enough about it !

It was great to finally meet you in person. @Ecency community are very lucky to have you. Al the time you was so relaxed, calm and friendly and we needed that so that CBRS could control themselfs lol 😁 Hope to see you soon at #Hivefest2024 or #BuzzParty2025.

😅 Thanks guys. It was great to meet up with you guys and good fun! Thanks for all the good laughts and banter. Hope to see you at the next Hive meetup!

A great description of THE place to be in 2024.
I thought we would go by: What happened in Hamburg stays in Hamburg?
Ah well, all the dirty details you left out in the post: GOOD! 🙇‍♂️😆
You are most welcome to use one of my 'access to the island' aka satoshi island citizen NFTs 💯
Agree we had some great convos! Looking forward to continuing them and add new topics on top of all we've covered sometime in the nearest future.

😅😆 Thanks man, I tried to not give away too many details in the post, but I need to get to the island with Satoshi!

It was great meeting up with you and I haven't had so much good banter and laughs for some time! Looking forward to the next time.

hear hear 🙇‍♂️

What a nice recount of your experiences at the Hive meetup! I was too impressed by how well-organized the event was, thanks to @tibfox
I’m glad you got to present about Ecency; it’s indeed an great tool for many users on this platform.

Hi Arcange! It was a great day and really well organised. I cant believe we packed so much into the Saturday. I am happy I could present Ecency and it was great to connect with everyone! 😀

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote. If you have a free slot, do you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

For sure! It would be a pleasure. 😊

If you and @irisworld made an Ecency presentation, it would be of the highest standard! Yeah, I'd eat some @coldbeetrootsoup soup and drink some unknown beer for #beersaturday, too. Unfortunately, I was busy with the fence and other activities. But I believe I'll appear at a hive fest like this :) !BEER

It is a great soup and I can recommend it! It would be cool to see you at a HiveFest event! You would love the beer sign and the BrewDog brewery, so many cool beers!

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Beetroot soups I have never tried but heard they are amazing. I'm going to have to try them out one of these day. The beer selection also looked nice even if you weren't having any. It's good to hear you're having a good time!

@mypathtofire! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @thebighigg. (10/50)

Thanks, it was a great time with everyone! The soup was fantastic and went really well with the buffet lunch. The selection of beers was amazing and if I wasnt on my best behaviour, I would of had 1 or 2 for sure!

It looks like you gals and guys had a lot of fun sharing Hive related content and mingling and enjoying food and beer and merch ... Fabulous!

@tipu curate

Thanks! It was a really great time that we will remember for some time! Next stop Aachen!

Ecency could not have a better representative! Thank you so much for all you do in Ecency Discord and your tutorials in the Ecency Help Community are such valuable references to link to when I am answering questions from new members.
@irisworld's art work keeps Ecency looking colorful, professional, and attractive. I'm glad she helped with your presentation. ♥️
Maybe someday I'll get to enjoy some Cold Beetroot Soup, too!

I am so happy to be a part of our friendly community!💙

Thank you! It is great to be Ecencial and part of our friendly community on Hive. Irisworld did a great job on the colorful slides, I think they looked great at the event!

I for sure recommend the soup and being made by Hivers made it extra special.

Love the CBRS guys. Ecency has donated 50,000 Points so that when the students in their new classroom begin using Hive they can each begin with a 200 HP delegation from Ecency.

Thats really awesome and the perfect start to the new Hivers in the classroom there!

I wasn't planning on seeing a beersaturday here, but from what I've seen, it could be anywhere at any time. The first presentation is always hard man, from now on you'll want to attend every event and present because you're used to the spotlight!

hehe you could be right, I wasnt planning to present when I signed up, but it was a good experience to talk about Ecency with everyone! Hope we can get the next meetup in Turkey! 😀

Hope the same man 🙏

Oh I have spent a few nights partying on the Reeperbahn many moons ago, awesome and looks like you had a great time!
I never knew you were doing a presentation though, that was pretty cool. It looked a great time, I never knew it was as big as it was going to be, but right enough @quekery kept going on about it, so I should have guessed!

Yeah, it was a really good crowd and the numbers were really good. It is a shame you didnt make it Ed. It was good to finally see @quekery wearing his flatcap, I wish I could wear such a cool hat, but I have a funny shaped head. 😅

Yeah I never knew it was going to be as big as it was, I might have made the effort as it was Hamburg. Oh yes his flatcap!

It would have been top if you had made it Ed. But there is the next time!


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Cheers to you guys . It's good to see some real faces of popular users here in Hive hehe

Thanks! It was great to meet up with some Hivers in real life. Some great memories!

Seems like you had a lot of fun.

...and beer.


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It is nice to read about this meeting
Thank you for sharing this information

It's almost as if the meet up should not end. Nicely presentation. The friendship you form will impact positively on Hive.

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