Hive BuzzParty - Visiting the Elbphilharmonie & Boat Trip

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The morning of the first day of the Hive Buzz Party Meetup in Hamburg arrived and I hastily made my way to the first meetup point at the station, Landungsbrücke near the harbour. It was just a few stations away from the main station.

Upon arrival, I saw there were a few Hivers there whom I already knew from their blogs and online pictures and it was good to see familar faces. The first Hiver that I spoke to in real life was @tibfox and said hello and introduced myself as @mypathtofire. He was super friendly and helpful and you could feel he is a a genuine person with a very warm heart. His passion for Hive beams through and meeting him in person was really great.

As people were arriving and settling into the group, people had coffee and breakfast and said hellos and introduced themselves.

The atmosphere was really relaxed and everyone was super friendly. I remember the cool Hive hats worn by @alessandrawhite and @bitterirony who it was so lovely to meet them there and later on the Sunday we would enjoy time together at the Portugese restaurant we visited and a hidden away bar called Willi's Bierstube as part of the hardcore gang. They both have quickly become my favorite Americans and I hope will both be granted membership to Satoshi's Island.

At the coffeeshop, I also met for the first time my good friend @ph1102, which was great after being friends online for so long to meet in person. @ph1102 was one of the reasons to motivate myself to go to the meetup so that we could meetup.

Once we were all gathered together, we headed to our first stop, the Elbphilharmonie which is an impressive building on the Elbe river where concerts take place. However, it is an imposing building in a modernistic style with some great views out of Hamburg. Here you can see the building in the background.

As we walked there, we had some impressive views of the restored harbour buildings. It is really impressive how big these building are and the amount of trade that must of passed through the town. I know the modern harbour does equally impressive trade and is apparently the biggest employer in the town according to the tour guide.

As we approached the entrance, Hivers were mingling with each other and getting to know each other. Usually I am not so keen to go around and introduce myself to people, but with Hivers, it was really easy to talk to everyone and we had a really cool group which made everything so easy, even if you are abit shy like me.

Once we got our tickets, which didn't cost anything as it was free entry as I understood, we could go up the long escalators with the impressive white patterned wall which seems to be unique to this building. Everyone really liked it. Here I was stood with @Detlev whom I met for the first time and he was full of energy and in good spirits. Later on, he gave us some great info on some different beers from the area and I mentioned that I liked Radlers, which is the german version of a shandy.

The building is definetly worth visiting and once you get to the top of the elevator, you can walk around for panoramic views of the city. Here, we all split up and walked around taking photos and chatting and getting to know each other better.

Here I met and discussed opsec with @arcange and it was really great to meet him and find out more about the work he does onchain. When talking with him, it is like chatting with a friend you have known for a long time. You can see in the photos he is a friendly guy and has a very positive outlook which is really contagious.

The views were really fantastic, the weather was a little cloudy but dry and reasonably warm. I was really in awe of the harbor history and size of everything.

As the morning went on, the weather was improving and getting sunnier making things even more pleasant. As I was busy chatting to people, I sort of lost track of the schedule and was pleasantly surprised that we had a boat trip organised after the Elbphilharmonie.

We made our way to the boat which was fun weaving through buildings and crossing pedestrian walkways over the water and before long had jumped aboard the boat that was not far away from the Elbphilharmoieand everyone took their seats. The tourguide was a chilean guy born in Hamburg who was very knowledgeable about Hamburg and gave us some really interesting titbits about the city and harbor.

He had a great humor and it was a really fun trip with a very knowledgeable guy. I still remember many of the things that he told us about. A recommend to take a boat trip when you visit Hamburg.

I sat inside a little and listened eagerly for a while before going outside the boat to take in some of the views over the water. The river was a little rougher than my last boat trip on the Rhein, which I was told was because the river is so close to the north sea. I had really expected some cold wind from the north sea but it was really pretty warm and mild and didn't experience any cold wind the whole weekend. Having lived in Dublin before, there was literally no wind to notice here in comparison.

On the outside part of the boat, people were enjoying the views, chatting and drinking. Here I was getting some photo ideas from @bechibenner who is a Hive OG in the German community. Benny was full of good spirits and we enjoyed many good laughs together.

On the boat I also met the lovely @anna-newkey and we had a nice chat and I was surprised we did not cross paths before now. The boat trip went by really quickly, chatting to people outside, I hardly realised it when the boat trip came to an end.

It was a really cool boat trip and I was really glad that we did it. It would not be the last time we were on the water this weekend and there is so much more to explore in Hamburg too around harbor and coast that I will share with you. Next up, we headed towards the conference center and the Hive presentations, but more about that in my next post.

Thanks for reading!

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All photos are my own.

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Man, you are so lucky that you are able to hob nob with so many Hivers in real life. I'd love to be able to make it to a meet up like that one day. I'd probably be the guy all alone not talking to anyone, but I would still be there. The good thing with Hive is you already have something in common, so that is a good ice breaker.

Well, we would talk with each other in that corner, so no worries... ;)
Jokes on the side, I had a similar firs encounter in HiveFest for the first 1-2 hours of the event, but after that, it was completely different... Met so many new friends and had so many talks and drinks... 😂

See you at the next event!

Fingers crossed I guess. That time of year is usually pretty bad for me, but I still hope to make it one day!

The event really was so cool, from the moment I saw the guys wearing Hive merch, caps, bags, hats.. it was going to be a great weekend. I am a pretty shy person but Hivers are some pretty interesting and smart people, so there was always something fun to discuss.

That's great to hear!

Wow, you had an amazing time at the Hive Buzz Party Meetup in Hamburg.

I'm so glad that you got to meet familiar faces and make new connections with fellow Hivers. It's great to hear that you had the opportunity to meet some of the people you've been friends with online, like @ph1102. The best part? You got to learn some interesting things about Hamburg from the knowledgeable tour guide.

Thanks, it was a really great weekend and meeting online friends and making new ones was really cool. Hamburg is a fun city to hang out in too!

It is good that you have met so many hivers. I haven't met any hiver. I can tell from these pictures that you really enjoyed your time in the boat

Yes, it was amazing to meet and chat to so many cool people in one place. Everybody was really so friendly and got along together so well. The boat trip was really cool and just the right length I think too.

You enjoyed sitting in the boat in the cool weather. Whenever I get a chance to sit in a boat, I don't miss it. Today our weather here is quite cool and pleasant

Yes, it was a lovely boat trip. I am usually getting sea sick in the sea, so dont go for those big boat trips if I can avoid them, but this one was very lovely and relaxing! I can recommend it for sure.

Sitting in big boats can really make you sick. But that never happened to me. Hope you get another chance very soon

Thank you my friend.

that was fun 🕺

It was great fun to meet you edje! Thanks for the great memories!

It was really nice to see you and I'm happy that you came to this Hive meetup! Didn't know that I was one of the guys who motivated you to come, but glad to see that! And I'm even more glad that you had such a great fun!
Despite many sleepless nights, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed your company and the company of other Hivians!

See you at the next one! :)

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Thanks! It was great to meet in person and have some good times together with the gang! Im already looking forward to the next one! 😀

I'm enjoying touring around Hamburg with you and your newly met/old friends! I know @tibfox spent much time and effort planning out the event, and it looks like it all came together very nicely!

Thanks! I have another 2 posts probably, we did so many things. It was such a great event and Tibfox did an amazing job, many said it was like being at HiveFest it was so well done.

Thank you for the kind mention. It was indeed an enriching experience, filled with friendly encounters and memorable moments.
It's always great when events combine both informative sessions and relaxed socializing.

You had a lot of fun meeting so many hivers. Hope you get another chance very soon

It was great to meet you and I hope you got back OK on the Sunday. The weather was really great out there and was cool that you could make that part of the trip before leaving. 😀

I couldn’t agreed more with you about a lot of stuff, meeting Hivers was soooo much easier that I could imagine and that time at that amazing Goulding and the boat make us feel at ease among each other that at the time we got to the venue I feel like we were already a groups of all friends. You took really nice pictures, though to me it was cold xD

Yeah I was surprised how easy it was to get to know each other, even for visiting a Hive meetup for the first time.

I thought once we were in the main river, my legs started to get cold, but overall the weather was surprisingly good. I almost wore some "long johns" as I thought it would be like Antarctica there. Luckily I didn't and it was pretty great weather considering.

I'm so glad you had a good time, I really want to attend a Hive meetup man. I hope I don't have to give a speech that might make me nervous 🤣

As a host of a show in the Ecency Discord, you will have to give a speech! 😛

Nooo it's not like Liotes project, I bet I don't need to give a speech. Maybe just for a few friends haha

haha yeah I can imagine that it could make you feel like that. It was lucky that everyone is so cool that you feel at ease easily! I hope to see you at a meetup soon!

Wow, the story of the meeting is truly extraordinary, I really like the place, especially being able to meet friends at that place

Thanks, yeah it was a brilliant location and some cool people too!

These posts are giving me Fear of Missing Out. I also wanted to have cup of coffee with all those hive friends who are online and I wanted to talk to them in real like you did.

Sailing through boat would really be a good experience and you got beautiful views that day.
It's always nice to talk to hivers. I also don't feel shy and awkward while talking to hivers.
I feel like home while engaging with hivers.

It is a really great experience to meet up with other Hivers. We had so much fun and everyone was super friendly. I was very sad to part ways in the end, but hopefully will meet them again one day.

Wow, you really enjoyed it.🔥🔥

It was a really great time and there were so many cool people to meet.

Waoh! So nice to see you guys made it to the meet up in person and get to know each other. The wonderful experiences you had we stay for a loooong time. I look forward being there someday. Have a great day.

Thanks, yes, the memories will stay for a long time. I am looking forward to the next time already.

I’m glad you got to meet with so many Hivers. I’m sure I’m also going to attend a HiveFest someday

Thanks! That would be cool to go to a HiveFest some day!

It started nicely on the second day. Waiting for the continuation :)

Its great to hear about the meet-up. I'd love to be there. Its great to hear that you are getting to meet tons of great hivers !!!

It was a brilliant time and was so cool to meet many Hivers in real life. I hope to see you at one at some point too.

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Wow seems like a wonderful place and am glad you enjoyed your trip.

The city is really suprising, full of great places to visit and things to do. With the great weather, it made it even better.

Wow it must have been a great experience especially considering the good weather conditions as in most parts of the world spring still is present at large and summers are very near.

Yes, it was a great experience, Hive Meetups are pretty special.

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