You Don't Kill The Virus With Tanks

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I guess it is four months now since the killer virus that trapped almost all of us indoors has become the pandemic of the century, and although not all world's countries have implemented the quarantine measures at the same time, we are now at the point when most of the planet is living over 90% out of every 24 hours inside. Almost 50,000 people, presumably, died due to this killing virus powers, and if you don't believe me check worldmeter.

The virus hasn't yet been defeated and it might haunt us for months to come, although I honestly believe that the 50,000 cases are blown by authorities to make a crisis out of it, and in reality way less people have passed away from it. But as @toofasteddie mentioned in his latest post there were 123,371 Seasonal flu deaths, 426,561 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS and 2,083,989 Deaths caused by cancer this year, but no military force was used to fight those above mentioned deadly diseases.

The list of death cases that overtake easily corona can be much longer, but I'm sure many of you will say the pandemic is not over yet. Yes, it isn't, nonetheless we can't overlook the fact that seasonal flu killed almost three times more people than COVID-19 did and Cancer has over 40x death rate in one year when compared to this virus. No military force was used though to put down McDonalds, Coca-Cola or any process food company that poisons the health of millions around the world, so it's definitely not that much about the virus itself this time, but about what some say a New World Order and its mass surveillance tactics to enslave us.

I just came upon an article of Brave New Coin about what privacy concerns the pandemic involves, that we should all be aware of. Hence you have bellow a paragraph from the article with the tools and technics that states are using to...protect us from the virus.

"From tracking citizens with apps and wristbands, to using facial recognition and drones to spot people breaking out of quarantine; governments are employing powerful and intrusive tools to fight the pandemic. Tolls that threaten individual privacy."

Singapore for example uses a tracking app called TraceTogether that allows the government to... track its citizens and have control over them, while protecting them from gathering in groups and spread the virus. Using such an app it is said that the country managed to not shut down schools and businesses while other Asian countries, having China as the main character, have gone even further with protecting its people against the virus.

"China is using thermal scanners installed in public places like train stations to identify those with a fever, and in South Korea, citizens must install a compulsory app that enforces self-isolation on the threat of a $8,400 fine or up to a year in prison. Similarly, the Hong Kong government has earnt praise by enforcing the wearing of a mandatory wristband that tracks the location of arrivals to the country."

Mass surveillance measures, and absurd "getting out permits", that have been implemented to fight the virus have been enforced in Europe as well, where in Romania you need to have a personal statement every time you get outside and fill it with your reasoning to get out, and the exact locations that you're heading to, and date. Yours truly has got a fine last week for not having the paper at hand and yesterday a friend of mine told me that she got one too.


Moreover I simply don't get what the army has to do in fighting the virus on the street. Why do we need three cops and four soldiers checking on people every day and we don't have the army helping in hospitals or the elderly ones, or why not the poor ones that didn't had any income when the crisis ignited? How are they gonna stop spreading the virus this way? And how will the virus spreading be helped by having to fill a personal statement every time you get out and you get a ticket if not. From what I heard today, Romania has given the most fines in Europe for such bullshit.

My guess is that none of the above mentioned technics has a true effect on protecting the population against the virus. A good immune system will though, social distancing yes, but not necessary accompanied by papers and military force on the streets, and awareness about the virus itself where conscious cooperation is advised, not mass propaganda and fear.

The way the whole situation looks right now is like we're being protected through force when they actually work on taking our privacy and freedom away. How? By controlling the data and gps location, spying on us from satellites, controling our heart rates and pulse through wristbands, getting in control over our finances and forbid us from traveling. For sure the pandemic will pass but quite many of the protective measures, known and unknown, will stick around eroding our privacy and freedom.

Having military forces on the streets, tracking every bit of one's data and other metrics, locking down the whole world and acting as if the world's end is around the corner, for almost fifty thousand deaths registered by this virus so far is exaggerated. I am 100% sure that all this is about something else rather than a virus. The will to control the population as much as possible was here for decades if not centuries, the tech is here, all that was needed was just a catalyst to justify everything and make the Orwellian state a reality.

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That's a nice explanation of why the Italian rate is overblown.

It was on the BBC News today that 'Eddie Large' - (If yer not a Brit he was a super-famous comedian (part of a duo in the 70s and 80s - Xmas prime time specials every year, you know the sort of thing)) had died 'having contracted Coronavirus in hospital....'

NOW... he also had a serious heart condition, so was it that or Covid-19 that actually killed him....?

The News was very specific to not say that he had died OF Covid-19, but that's probably not how it's going to be circulated in most households.

More than 50% of Italian 'Covid-19 death's had THREE OR MORE other serious diseases or conditions. Yet every single one of them is recorded of having died of Covid-19.

However, they died with it, not necessarily of it.

It's all in the video.

Nice to be in a sceptical bubble here on Hive, I'd be hated if I tried sharing these views IRL, I might get punched, but you know... not for another month at least.

Thanks for the comment. It really came as a missing puzzle to my post. From what I know most of the deaths are of people that suffered from other serious diseases as well. I don't try to make people believe the virus doesn't exist but rather try and make them, the ones reading, to see that numbers are exaggerated and the measures taken don't match the gravity. Most and foremost I don't watch TV and don't trust any media outlet. I graduated Journalism but refused to work when I saw what it's really about. My diploma subject was Manipulative techniques in Romania used in written press. I got the lowest grade and you probably guess why. For me the situation is definitely created to enforce more privacy and freedom constrictive measures.

It's insane what's going on in the media - utterly shameful.

Although I don't want to downplay it - it is about as serious as flu (I think) but the problem is it's new, it can mutate, and it's several times more contagious, so it's like everyone getting it simultaneously is what overwhelms the health service, then the knock on effects.

I think the measures will save lives, however a more selective isolation strategy may have been less socially harmful.

I think it is contagious nature of the killing virus that made the world to tremble at its feet. To me, the aforementioned diseases are less potent and infectious compared to covid19 that can be easily contracted even with partial contact with the carrier.

Still they kill millions of people and nobody does anything about that. Morever, almost all we know about the virus is from the media, and it often manipulates more than it informs us.