Why are the fingers of the hands numb?

in GEMS5 months ago

Have you ever thought that it is normal to have numbness in your fingers? Or it could be different. You can also have this problem due to the side effect of any medicine. This is mostly due to the deficiency of Vitamin B6 in the body. It is also called arthritis. In which diseases can also occur due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Tingling in hands can also be the reason for continuous typing. Therefore, there should always be a break between In which there is a bad effect on the nerves due to typing. In which the nerves of the wrist are also affected. Therefore, the fingers should always be given some rest in the middle. In this, you should not include vitamins and magnesium in the diet. Because of this, the problem may increase. In this case, the elements of the diet should be included. There is good circulation of blood in your body. So your limbs do not become numb. In which your blood circulation improves. Apart from this, you should exercise daily. It also keeps your body fit. You need to massage your hands and fingers. In which you can also study. This gives relaxation to your muscles. And the sick victim gets relief from the nerves.