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The Protagonist of A Fascinating Legacy

Character Profile


Emenoire Azaheart


105 years (A Fascinating Legacy)


Long ears. Long blond hair. Indigo-colored, relaxed eyes.

Clothes and Accessories

Blue Robe. Green Hoodie. Red Jewels. Metal Magic Staff.


Music, Exploration, Fruits, Bittersweet Food.


Blood, Monsters, Spicy Food.

Personality Quirks

Curious, Quiet, Quick-witted.


Healing: Master Level.
Wind: Intermediate Level.
Water: Intermediate Level.
Fire: Intermediate Level.
An Elven Adventurer for hire. Emenoire is a mage specializing in mixing Offensive and Healing Magic. She descends from the low-ranked noble family Azaheart from the elven forest.

She was fascinated by humans' tendency to improve on their predecessors and became the pupil of a human mage who gifted her with the Instant Healing Magic. Her master's gift would become her signature spell.

Author Notes

This is the first character profile I created for my short story A Fascinating Legacy and its planned sequel and prequel.

Emenoire is one of my favorite characters to write. I based her on some characters from the anime GATE. I wanted to explore the life span of Elves with her character so I made her a human friend "Rafafill." She's the older of the two, but as an Elf she's the less mature.

In terms of design I tried to make her a generic, good-looking Elf. She has a long blond hair and equipped with a metal staff. I decided on her outfit quickly. It took time to decide what accessories she wears and the colors. In the end, I gave her a blue mage robe and painted her jewels red.


If you haven't read the story yet read A Fascinating Legacy [here.] If you like fantasy stories, I recommend I'm a Treasure Box as well.

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Thanks for checking it out. You might love reading the story, or supporting me by buying the NFT. If you own one token, I'll give you beneficiary rewards in some of my future posts.

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