Super Easy Way To SELL Steem To HIVE Using

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If you still have Steem and are confused about selling it, then you can use

You can use Steem to buy various tokens, not just Hives. You can even buy Bitcoin there.

The fastest way for my version:


  • Step 2
    Click deposit at the top left. Then select SSTEEM as the token that you want to deposit to the HIVE ENGINE wallet. Click Get Deposit Info


  • Step 3
    You will receive instructions regarding recipient and memo that you must use when sending Steem from your Steem account wallet.


  • Step 4
    From your Steem wallet, start sending Steem. Enter recipient, amount, and memo.
    Don't forget to check several times so that you don't make a wrong transaction. Because if it's wrong, no one can return your assets.

Follow the instructions regarding entering an active key so that your transaction can be successful.


  • Step 5
    A few moments later you will receive your Steem token in the form of SWAP STEEM.


If you already have a SWAP STEEM, then you can sell that SWAP STEEM to HIVE.

This is my SWAP STEEM which I later sold as HIVE (SWAP HIVE)


I hope this tutorial is useful for those of you who don't know how.


Very practical tutorial, I have already used it and the operations are instantaneous. Greetings friend

Yep youre right. Super easy and instantly :)

Greetings my friend

I tried to use this 2x already, it it has been a breeze. ☺️

Breeze for our wallet 😊😊😊❤❤❤💃💃💃

Yeah! I didn’t know you could do this!!
Very helpful indeed! Reblogged.


Never waste tokens. Exchange them 😊

This is awesome! Thank you for the tutorial. ❤

I hope this post is useful for you my friend 😊

Very practical and informatics thanks for sharing.

I'm glad this information is useful for you 😊

Thanks for posting! Did Not know that but i am shure it will help me! :)

You have to make your steem is decent money. The best way for now is exchange steem with hive using hive engine. 😊

Good luck for your trying someday later.

Very Good tutorial! Can I make a video out of this post? Is it okay? Ill give full credits :)

Greetings @anggreklestari, that does look very easy.

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Hello! I just want to ask if it takes hours for the amount to appear as swap.hive after selling swap.steem? :)

For me it takes less one hour. Fast and easy

I see. Thank you. Mine is almost an hour now too. I guess I have to wait longer. >.<

Maybe there no right price at the moment :)

Right. :D I have to be more patient.
Thanks for answering my question I was really feeling stressed awhile ago. Hahaha >.<

But when you sell steem, I think if you add high price maybe it will takes long time :) just follow the market price

I'm selling my sbd. Maybe it will be faster if it was steem. I'll sell my steem next. XD