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[ES/ENG] "Hive Gaming Community - Best Video Game Memories" 🎮

By: @jesymarcano92

Hi everyone! I’m joining the contest by @hivegc that besides fun I saw some entries with incredibles games and I can’t stop thinking about some old video games that I loved and that I played so long ago, but definitely one won a place in my good memories. Guess which one?


[ENG-ESP] Me atreví a adoptar doble | I dare to adopt double | #AdoptAPlankton

By: @ambarvegas


am very happy to participate again in the initiative #AdoptAPlankton, last time my daughter @aricaroo and I had a great experience and that is why I encouraged myself to participate with two talented girls, who from today are officially my daughters Plankton


Grand Canyon - The Battleship

By: @derekrichardson


After our trip to Tanner Rapids and the Little Colorado River my mom and I continued our adventures in the Grand Canyon with a day hike to climb a large butte off the Bright Angel trail known as The Battleship!



By: @yanga


The weekend was an emotional period for the black community. Our WAKANDA KING lost a battle to years of fighting colon cancer.


Bienvenidos a mi Presentación en Hive

By: @arisad


Les confieso sinceramente que a la hora de sumergirme en este mundo mi emoción se elevó, pero surgió de repente el miedo, el pensar en escribirle a un público me llenó de una alegría inmensa, pero el tener tantas opciones sobre “que escribir”, y no decidirme por una, me preocupaba.


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Como siempre una gran selección.

Aprovecho de darle la bienvenida a @arisad me encantó su post y ya quiero saber más sobre su vida. Esta muy interesante.

Felicidades a todos los mencionados, este es un lugar de honor.

Muchos gracias

Muchisimas gracias por mencionarme! Encantada

Congratulations 🎉🎉

Felicidades a todos los votados, @appreciator siempre votando el mejor contenido de calidad, buen trabajo

Congratulations to you all...your posts are really really amazing!

Good morning dear friends, and featured authors of the day, I love this healing report, I always find satisfaction in doing so. How much creativity there is in our company, ranging from memories of games, fashion tokenized art, the kindness to help and support other people and what I like the most; Welcome new friends who come to our company (hive) Thank you very much to all the @appreciator team for this excellent selection
I wish you all a splendid day

Thank you so much for kind feedback

how are you dear friend @bluemist good day
it is a pleasure to visit this wonderful report, you always select beautiful posts
have a great day

Felicitaciones. Excelente selección.

Thanks for this selection and the mention! All the post are excellent!! 😱🤗👏

You are much welcome!

Thank you very much😁!

You are welcome!

Felicidades a todos:

@arisad, bienvenida a este maravilloso mundo, no te arrepentirás.


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Muchas felicidades a todos los que han hecho un gran trabajo esta semana :D siempre esta chevere ver contenido apreciado y fresco en las distintas comunidades, esperemos hacer un excelente contenido para la semana que esta en curso para entrar también en esta lista jajaja, muchos saludos a todos!

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Wakanda Forever! I am a huge fan of the Black Panther and I am one with them in mourning his untimely demise. I think the illustrative art of him is just super fantastic. You can just feel the strength of the Panther oozing out of him. He will be missed. A rousing welcome to the new Hiver who will be blogging about a specialized topic which is Bipolarity. I honestly hope you can do well with this as surely you can be a big help to people with this condition. Also thanks to people who do care about the success of others in this platform by adopting and sponsoring newbies in the community. Most noble of you. The video game post was about memories of old games played looong ago which is circa 2000. I go far beyond that, circa 1986 where we played Battle City and Space Invaders ha ha. Indeed his post got me feeling nostalgic about those times. And finally, my favorite - travel. To the Grand Canyon this time. First time I have seen pics this close of the place. Marvelous but maybe not for me as I do not think I can do the kind of climb they did. Seeing their photos is more than good enough for me. Whew. Got carried away again @appreciator writing my thoughts about your selection today. They seem to do that to me more often nowadays, despite my workload. Great selection, as usual.

I always try to improvise by your feedback

Felicidades a todos los mencionados y una cordial bienvenida para @arisad 🙌🤗🎉

excellent collection of users, what more can I tell you on behalf of all the little ones, thanks for supporting the new accounts.

You are welcome.