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Makeup inspired by mythological creatures - Demon Faun

By: @wesp05


Very good to all, people of MakeUp Power, I join the initiative of @mintdreams to recreate a makeup inspired by mythological creatures, honestly it was difficult to find a creature that I liked, I wanted to make a minotaur to be more specific but it was really complicated, as I like the dark, so I chose to make a demon faun.


Un lento pero encantador Caracol hecho con partes recicladas. ( DIY ).

By: @crazydani


Hola, queridos amigos de Hive. Hoy fue un día lento a tal punto que me inspiro para hacer un caracol de componentes eléctricos, el cual fue muy fácil de hacer, ya que no lleva en realidad muchas piezas, solo les quería compartir un poco de las figuras o decoraciones que hago en mi tiempo libre.


Evolution of edged tools results in G-dog's MUT

By: @galenkp


Humans have been using edged tools for a long time; We first began to use sharpened tools around 2.6 million years ago and that honour goes to Homo habilis. For perspective, Homo sapiens, that's us folks, transitioned to permanent agricultural settlements only 10,000 years ago...So the other homo's that came before us had been using, and developing, edged tools for a long time!


Welcome To The Machine : Presentation of the hive machine, Cover of La Vida Boheme - Flamingo.

By: @thehivemachine


The new musical Project of the blockchain that seeks to unite the greatest artist in the platform such as musicians, editors and producers are all welcome to create one place where the main goal is to have fun doing mas up


Un día relajado. Porque a veces hay que simplemente relajarse.

By: @lachg89


Hola, amigos. Espero que estén teniendo un buen fin de semana. Yo tuve una mañana con mucha flojera, de esas que nos dan a veces. Literlamente no he querido ni darme un baño


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Heeey aparezcooooo en la portada jajaja, gracias maría :3 esta un poco demoniaco, pero a mi me gusto como quedo.

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Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. First off is Food, of course. He's not the only one who's gained 3 kilos since quarantine began. Ha ha. For someone who feels sooo lazy, he had time to make that gigantic rice bun. And some sausage omelet and lactose free cheese to boot. I wonder what he does when he's not feeling lazy? I see much creativity with this selection beginning with the assembled snail which reminded me of the movie "Turbo" to the make-up artist who transformed himself into a demon faun (he looks more menacing with his colored demon eyes than without) to the Hive Machine bringing music and cover to the blockchain using our very own musicians. And we don't even have to wait for the old normal to come back to do this because it can be done in virtual mode. Fantastic. And finally, I reserve for last the Leatherman MUT which is a tool I would love to own but hesitate to do so because of the whopping price which would come up to about 15T in our currency. The utility this gadget gives is beyond relief, especially when the need arises and it's an emergency type of a need. I think this is even much better than my Swiss Army Knife because it has more features. But I sure wouldn't recommend this tool to the Homo habilis as I don't think it is big enough to use in getting their dinner lol. Lovely selection today @appreciator. Enjoyed reading them in the wee hours of this morning and a great start to this week!

Its always nice to hear from you, thank you so much.

Hey, great job congratulations to the top 5 😍 But I'm not the author of the post "Un lento pero encantador caracol hecho con partes recicladas" 🥺

Its fixed now, thanks for letting me know.