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By: @patagonica


Hi there! I took the TAZARA train (Tanzania - Zambia) to go to Zanzibar. My experience wasn´t that good, but hey, now I have and adventure to tell.



By: @wittywheat


It is typical to meet people from all walks of life while trekking in the Annapurna region. Just like in real life, some people tend to be nicer, kinder, more authentic and encouraging than others.


Barcelona monumental museum / Barcelona museo monumental

By: @evagavilan2


To talk about Barcelona is to imagine that you are in a huge museum that covers the whole city.
It is designed in such a way that when you walk through its streets you are enraptured by the beauty and grandeur of its monuments.



By: @ceparl


Hey Hivers! Once again sharing my entry in this week's challenge promoted in the MakeUp Power community. This time with the theme of mythological creatures.


(ESP-ENG) Helado cremoso de calabaza / Creamy pumpkin ice cream

By: @kristal24


Good morning friends of Hive, I hope you are well and having an unforgettable Saturday... In this opportunity, I will share with you the "step by step" to make some delicious homemade pumpkin ice creams. It is a very healthy and easy to prepare recipe.


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Happy Sunday to all the featured authors in this healing report, and a big thank you to the entire @appreciator team for making people happy with your support.
Congratulations everyone for doing a great job. Enjoy and continue the successes.
happy start of week

Happy Sunday @jlufer, it's a sunny day here in eastern Venezuela, how is the weather in Buenos Aires?

Como estas querido amigo @emiliocabrera buen día
feliz día para ti también querido amigo, todo bien por aquí, los días están siendo calurosos, sin embargo, anoche llovió y hoy amaneció fresco
que pases un gran día

Bien amigo, gracias, me alegra, aquí también está el sol como soplete, me siento plástico derretido. Saludos

You are ALWAYS welcome.

Thank you very much dear friend @bluemist you are very kind
Have a wonderful day, enjoy a lot

Beautiful views of the hills, snow, and greenery. Seeing that pumpkin dessert reminded me that my favorite cakes are Ahuyama. Last night two girls were selling cuttings of cakes in the neighborhood, I will give you this recipe that looks delicious. Thank you @appreciator for your general support throughout the hive. :)

I am glad to know that, you are welcome.

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Travel again! Three in one selection. How lucky can a guy get. From the top of the world in Nepal to Africa then back to viva Espana en Barcelona.That's half of the world. Although the views in the Annapurna region and the train ride to Zanzibar are spectacular I have to admit I am most taken in by Barcelona! What a beautiful place with all those old buildings and statues. She is right. It's like the whole place is one big museum. That's another one for my bucket list. And the make-up change from human to faun is nicely done although Mr. Tumnus in the movie Narnia had much shorter horns if memory serves me right. Still very imposing and striking results. Just wondering where he learned how to do make up. And finally FOOD! I love food posts especially one that is sweet and healthy. And anything with cinnamon is always a winner as far as I am concerned. Glad to be able to read your selection again @appreciator. A breath of fresh air from a very hectic schedule. Love this selection today.

You are so right in your opinion about these posts, thank you.

You are most welcome @bluemist. But I think I must also thank you for not only coming up with some really great stuff in your Top 5 Posts but for your continued support of everyone who try their best to make it in our community, myself included. May you have a great day tomorrow and a grander weekend ahead.

Good work, the support to the users is fundamental, congratulations to those who were selected. Successes, happy Sunday! 👋

Thank you

Siempre que paso por este informe, disfruto la lectura de cada una de las publicaciones. En esta ocasión vi que las dos últimas tienen errado los nombres de usuarios. La del maquillaje de criaturas mitológicas es de @ceparl y la del helado de calabaza es de @kristal24.

Felicito a los destacados. Mil gracias a @appreciator por el buen trabajo y por el apoyo a la comunidad. Saludos .

Está arreglado ahora, muchas gracias por hacérmelo saber.

Hello! Thank You! I´m flattered. :) congratulations to all selected. Nice posts :)

You are welcome.

Thank you very much friend @appreciator I feel very happy and honored with the mention, this support is a great motivation.
My congratulations to all the people who were selected.
Happy night, a big hug!

You are much welcome.

Felicidades a todos los mencionadas en esta publicación, el único detalle @appreciator es que se debe realizar una edición el post titulado: helado cremoso de calabaza, que por cierto, se ve delicioso, no es de mi autoria, es de @kristal24

Congratulations to all mentioned in this publication, the only detail @appreciator is that you should make an edition the post entitled: pumpkin creamy ice cream, which by the way, looks delicious, is not of my authorship, is from @kristal24

Its fixed now, thanks for letting me know

Exelente trabajo

Hello, I am new to this wonderful platform, and I would like you to take a look at this trip that I did and want to share with the community!
your support would be of great help

Saludos y Bendiciones!!

Greetings I wanted to know what had happened if I made a mistake that stopped receiving your rewards.

@appreciator Please kindly check my blog. God bless.

Thank you for your support friend 🙏🏻

Hola tengo la inquietud de el por que no ha publicado mas si la ultima vez que lo hizo fue de una selección de calidad de las publicaciones que fueron de calidad ese día, de veras nos gustaría que siguiera con las publicaciones, aunque creo entender que es por que quizás no tenga usted tiempo, sin embargo deseo lo mejor para usted y por la labor que desempeña en esta plataforma, hago el comentario por que siempre lo veo activo en los votos, y pues de parte de muchos usuarios nuestro agradecimiento por votar las mejores publicaciones, un fuerte abrazo desde Aragua, Venezuela.

Hello I have the concern of why you have not published more if the last time you did it was a selection of quality publications that were of quality that day, really we would like to continue with the publications, although I think I understand that it is because you may not have time, however I wish the best for you and for the work you do on this platform, I make the comment because I always see you active in the votes, and then on behalf of many users our thanks for voting the best publications, a big hug from Aragua, Venezuela.

Muito legal essa curadoria quem sabe numa próxima possa estar dentro da comunidade, e post. Ainda sou nova aqui, fazendo a rede crescer, se puderem dar uma olhadinha. https://ecency.com/hive-131665/@moxa/wildflower-tattoo?referral=moxa

Appreciated, appreciator 👍🏼 ❤️

grateful to have your support again friend @appreciator... God bless you always 🤗

What am I doing wrong... My content is original... What else do I need to do...???

What about my content...???

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