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Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Travel again! Three in one selection. How lucky can a guy get. From the top of the world in Nepal to Africa then back to viva Espana en Barcelona.That's half of the world. Although the views in the Annapurna region and the train ride to Zanzibar are spectacular I have to admit I am most taken in by Barcelona! What a beautiful place with all those old buildings and statues. She is right. It's like the whole place is one big museum. That's another one for my bucket list. And the make-up change from human to faun is nicely done although Mr. Tumnus in the movie Narnia had much shorter horns if memory serves me right. Still very imposing and striking results. Just wondering where he learned how to do make up. And finally FOOD! I love food posts especially one that is sweet and healthy. And anything with cinnamon is always a winner as far as I am concerned. Glad to be able to read your selection again @appreciator. A breath of fresh air from a very hectic schedule. Love this selection today.


You are so right in your opinion about these posts, thank you.

You are most welcome @bluemist. But I think I must also thank you for not only coming up with some really great stuff in your Top 5 Posts but for your continued support of everyone who try their best to make it in our community, myself included. May you have a great day tomorrow and a grander weekend ahead.