Splinterlands Battle Challenge with Drake of Arnak.

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Welcome to my blog where I'll share my winning match with Drake of Arnak in splinterlands. And with this post; I'm going to join SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGON SUMMONER.



Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: DRAGON
ABILITIES: This summoner offers a +1 shield/armor to all its monsters.

This is a nice dragon summoner in the untamed edition that offers +1 armor to all friendly monsters. When it comes to playing with the dragon splinter and you want to do it with a nice low-cost summoner, then I think this summoner is your best choice. Its current market price is less than half a dollar and with that, it's offering friendly monsters +1 armor which is really good, in my sense.

Drake of Arnak needs 4 mana for battle and I'm using this summoner in level 1 to share a battle where this summoner summons all the monsters.

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  1. Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using a dragon summoner
    • I've created this post sharing a gameplay link of one of my battles using Drake of Arnak which is a dragon summoner.
  2. Tag splinterlands.
    • I just finished tagging splinterlands.
  3. Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that position and why the Drake of Arnak is a good fit for the ruleset.
    • So, to explain my lineup... Why did I use the cards I did? And why in that order?
      Yeah about that... In this match; I've played with dragon splinter using the death team.
  4. Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
    • Yeah, my strategy worked out perfectly and I'll try to use similar helpful monsters next time if I need to.
  5. Share your post to some OTHER Social Media site.
    • I'm going to share this post with the #splinterlands hashtag on Twitter after publishing this post.

A Brief Info About The Match

The battles mana cap was 26 with the "Standard" rule where I used the dragon splinter + death team for the match and my opponent also used fire splinter against me.

My Lineup.


As monsters, I had my Haunted Spirit in level 1, Manticore in level 1, Phantom Soldier in level 1, Creeping Ooze in level 1, Fire Spitter in level 1 & Furious Chicken in level 1.

And my opponent had his/her cards as Living Lava in level 1, Serpentine Spy in level 1, Fire Elemental in level 1, Spark pixies in level 1 & Elven Mystic in level 1.

Let me talk about monsters that I used in this battle.

No 01: HAUNTED SPIRIT (RARE Death Monster)

This is the melee attacker of death splinter which I use in every battle that I play with death splinter if it's available for that battle. One of the finest monsters of death splinter. I like it's power, especially it's "Heal" ability.

My HAUNTED SPIRIT is in level 1 with 2 melee attacks, 2 speed, 7 health with the "Heal" ability, and this monster need 5 mana to play.

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No 02: Manticore (Epic Dragon Monster)

Manticore is one of my favorite monsters in dragon splinter. I can't think of any other melee attacker with "Reach" ability than Manticore. when I play with dragon splinter.

My Manticore is in level 1 with 1 melee attack, 3 speed, 6 health with "Flying & Reach" ability and it needs 4 mana to play.

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No 03: PHANTOM SOLDIER (EPIC Death Monster)

I still remember those days playing battle with death splinter where there was this monster. Then when I added this monster to my deck, I could see its beauty... the beauty in its action. With "flying" ability, this monster is the best fit in the earthquake ruleset and it has so nice powers.

My PHANTOM SOLDIER is in level 1 with 2 magic attacks, 3 speed, 8 health with "Flying" ability, and it needs 8 mana for the battle.

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No 04: CREEPING OOZE (COMMON Neutral Monster)

The one mana neutral monster that's been taking a place almost in every player's heart, I guess.

It has the ability "Slow" which decreases the speed of every monster of the opponent team.

I used my Creeping Ooze in level 1 with 1 speed & 1 health with "Slow" ability and it needs 1 mana for battle.

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No 05: FIRE SPITTER (EPIC Dragon Monster)

This monster reminds me of a pokemon character for it's visual. I'm kinda sure that there's a character just like this one in pokemon or there was one when I was a kid ;). This is a very helpful monster of dragon splinter.

I used my FIRE SPITTER is in level 1 with 2 ranged attacks, 4 speed, 4 health with "Flying" ability and it needs 4 mana to play.

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No 06: Furious Chicken (Rare Neutral Monster)

This is the card that I use when there's a slot left but no mana left. I mean its service is great for free I suppose. Right now... I can't imagine playing a match without this card.
It's like the chicken that lays the golden egg. It provides great support with its counter attack. With 0 mana... it's just amazing.

My Furious Chicken is in level 1 with 1 speed, 1 health and It needs 0 mana to play.

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  • In my personal opinion... Drake of Arnak is a nice fit for the ruleset especially for its extra buff that provides +1 armor.

On the battlefield.

For a better experience, you may watch the battle direct from the splinterlands official website from the link below.

Link to the match.


For the special ability of my summoner, all my monsters got +1 shield/armor each and for the special ability of my Creeping Ooze, all the opponent monsters lost 1 speed each. Then the Spark Pixies of my opponent, the most speed holder in both team started the battle with its first attack on the Haunted Spirit my team and successfully killed its extra armor. Then Fire Spitter of my team attacked for the first time and thus it continued from both teams.


Haunted Spirit of my team was the first one who died early and Manticore got a blast when my Haunted Spirit died. Then my Creeping Ooze also died which left my team losing two monsters while the opponent didn't lose a single monster yet. All monsters of the opponent team got back their missing speed after my Creeping died.


My Manticore also died suddenly having attacks from two monsters of the opponent and then there were only three monsters left in my team while the opponent had all the monsters. Yeah, my opponent had all his monsters alive but not with big health. Most of the monsters of my opponent had very low health at that moment while my Phantom Soldier had big health and Fire Spitter even had its shield unbroken and my Furious Chicken was waiting to sacrifice itself. Now the time has come for my team to kill all the monsters of the opponent team.


First Livin Lava then Serpentine Spy then Fire Elemental and then Spark Pixies of the opponent team started dying one after another and it seemed that my Phantom Soldier and Fire Spitter were enjoying killing them one by one.


The last monster of the opponent team was Elven Mystic who tried to defend itself by attacking my monsters but after it attacked once at that time, my Phantom Soldier and Fire Spitter together tore apart the last monster of my opponent team.

The battle got finished in round 5 while my team still had three monsters alive. It was indeed a fantastic battle that my team fought.

Battle Results


By playing this match, I won +1.067 Dec and +36 League Rating.

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