My newbie guide: The concept of engagement on hive

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I have been on this network for two months and I don’t feel qualified to give this post but I think I will still write on it and ask for help from the big boys in the community to add their thoughts on this topic.

Once upon a time

About 2 months ago, I spoke to @belemo and I asked him for help as regards going far on #hive and he told me to make 20 quality comments in a day with emphasis on quality. I took that advice and I can say I have benefitted a lot from that singular advice. I still speak to him on regular occasion for advice.

In this post, I will be writing about a very important concept on the hive blockchain called engagement.

At the beginning of my journey back in the steem blockchain i was told that i should engage. However, it was looking so hard to do, so hard to understand and then I finally gave up.

So What is engagement?

Personally, I feel engagement on hive can be said to be the act of making relationship through whatsoever way hivers use the hive block chain. Engagement is just simply means vibing(a slang for flowing) with others on the blockchain.

How can a newbie engage on hive?

Engaging on hive can be so difficult at the very beginning because first the whole block chain thing can run you psyche if you are new, then the user interface of the dapps when compared to the conventional social media and a host of other things. Meeting new people sometimes can also be so tiring.

First, you have to know that there are different ways one can engage on hive but personally I will like to divide it into two ways;

  • Engaging on the hive blockchain
  • Engaging off the hive blockchain

Engaging on the hive network.

Engaging on the hive blockchain means giving feedback to a hiver via one of the hive front ends like, peakd or 3speaks through their posts. Engaging on hive is not limited to blog post, you can also engage on the hive blockchain through games like splinterlands and dcity etc.

Engaging via the blogging/vlogging platform

This form of engagement is the commonest form of engagement on the hive blockchain. This involves responding to one’s blog/vlog post after reading or viewing it and giving a response that shows you actually read the post. For example, if hive naija hosts a contest requiring people to participate in the contest, when you participate in the contest by making a post,you have engaged with the community via the blogging platform.

What are the benefits of engaging via the blogging/vlogging platform?

  1. The first benefit is that it forms a basis for meeting the new hivers whether on the hive block chain or off the block chain.
  2. Engaging gets you followers and helps you build your audience. This singular benefit is what will take you far in the long run. Just imagine you do not have followers and you keep on posting your stuff. What do you think will happen?
    You might get upvoted by curators who consider your work quality. However there are times they will miss it and what happens, you will be swimming around zeros and frustration will definitely set in.
    However if you have built your audience, even if your post is missed by a content curator, your followers will be sure to drop an upvote or a comment.
  3. Engaging increases your rewards. I can say that I earn at least an average of 25cents every day from comments. This means I get an average of 7.5 dollars every month. For me, this is great for a newbie who is just starting out on the hive blockchain. If you add that to the post you make, you will be making something substantial and still having fun.
  4. Engaging on the hive blockchain helps you get used to the hive platform. If you are new to blogging, you might find using one of the front ends difficult. However, when you start engaging, you will start getting acquainted with them and in turn you will start to try other platform. When I started on the blockchain I preferred because it was simple to me but I have started using Peakd and I switch between the both conveniently.
    There are more benefits to engaging than this but I will stop here

Engaging off the hive network

In one of my post, I was saying that there are some tools you need to have for you to make it here on #hive. I mentioned twitter and discord as two of those tools a newbie would need in order to succeed on the platform.
If you are looking for a place where you can find a lot of #hivers outside the hive blockchain, the number one place is discord. Secondly, almost all if not all communities are on discord and if you are going to benefit from any community you have to be on their discord server. Some communities also add this as their criteria before you can partake in their contest and the other things they do.
Discord offers a lot of opportunities for a newbie. I will like to borrow a quote from @gamsam

If you want to maximize your stay on the hive blockchain, you have to use discord.

The next tool is twitter. A lot of things are happening right now on twitter that can help build your audience and make you known on hive. As a matter of fact, the major platform for promoting #hive right now is twitter.
Some weeks back I met @traciyork for the first time on twitter and she has been like one of the persons I am grateful to on hive. I wrote 2 posts and on two different days and 2 top #hivers asked about a post to curate and she recommended two of my posts. Those two posts are my highest paid post till date. I also got a following too from a top hiver on one of those days.
A lot of initiatives are happening on twitter which will help you grow on hive. Initiatives like #posh, #hive5 and #hivechat.
Keying into this initiative will help people to get interested in you without publicising your links ten times in post promotion channel on discord.
Little secret

Twitter is more effective than anypost promotion channel. This is advice coming from someone who has done it.

It will only be wise for you to make use of these platforms, so get your game rolling.
I will like to end this post with the words of @theycallmedan in an AMA session with ruta blockchain and it says;

On hive, engagement is key.

This post is dedicated all the new hivers i have brought to this platform most especially @prankgod.
@iren-z,@belema, @weirdestwolf, @jess-ica, @corelines,@cornel20.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Please your feedback would be most appreciated in the comment section.


Engagement is one of the important keys if you really want to go far and succeed on hive platform. Thanks for highlighting on these important tips on engagement

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You've learnt a lot of important things about Hive in your short time of being here, took me a lot longer without any real guidance from a couple of years back but you're spot on.

Great advice for those folks you've brought in too, keep it going and go geddit 💪

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This place will be borring without engaging, it's the Hive journey a fun filled one by engaging.

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