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RE: Some Misconceptions about GEMS community

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@bluemist I highly appreciated you backing our newcomers, we are helping 24/7 in the terminal and @heyhaveyamet. On the first of May we are starting the redfishrally again, all the newcomers are our future. So again to GEMS , @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale The support is very welcome and appreciated. The future is ours and we all have to do our utmost


You are always welcome, looking forward to see it start again

Hi @brittandjosie, could you please briefly explain what is redfishrally? What is it and who can participate in it? Thank you.

Hi isabel, its a help blogging program, during one month by discord the terminal. We allow people to groe in a group to 100 hive and a group to grow to 500 hive, and the rally will have challenges, contests and prizes. After the month we also give out delegations.

You have 177 hp and some liquid hive so you can apply and take part in the redfishrally500.
I am a team with my fellow staff member @justclickindiva so let one of us know if you want to be part of this great rally.

Yes of course @brittandjosie I would like, under your instructions because I don´t know about it. Thank you for your invite.

Come to Discord we as staff will help you get into the rally and you just have to use this free link 👉 The invitation link Is

Hi dear @brittandjosie.
You ladies do a beautiful job. Each participant of the rallyfish learn a lot. I am very happy enjoying my prize and if this were possible I would do the rally again.
thanks and a hug

It´s a very nice program, of Theterminal. I did it. Very very interesting, very productive and formative. And the people who host the show are really beautiful people, like @britandjosie
I recomended you do it from the next 1st. of May.

Thanks for your references and advice @mllg I know that they are all very good.


I second that @BrittAndJosie! @TheTerminal is doing some fine work on this blockchain.

Hello, i am new here,,
What about This community?