Some Misconceptions about GEMS community

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Its been more than a month now since inception of GEMS community. We are thrilled to see the postive feedback from users and glad to see it contributing towards Hive ecosystem as a whole.

In this short span of time, we have became the no. 1 community with highest count of Active Posters and Interactions than any other community. This is the only community which supports all kinds of languages and not restricted to English only.

There are many aspect of building any blockchain foundation and in our case they consists of stakeholders, developers, curators and authors. Some people might be focused on developing one thing and completely stagnant in other. Our main motive behind formation of this community was to recognize undervalued authors and posts. Its has only been a month and I am happy with current trending of GEMS community because we don't get to see same names on trending again and again. There are only few who care to highlight more unique and undervalued posts. I believe this is another one of our objective completed because rewards distribution is more diversified.

Credit: @divine-sound

Some major misconceptions are still lurking in community about GEMS and I would like to address them:

Do current supporters of GEMS only curate within community only?

The short is NO. I have witnessed with start of 2020 all the major curation initiatives were announcing to form their own community. With the announcment of GEMS community, we explicitly mentioned that our curation support will not remain restricted to one community only and infact we were the first one to support mutiple communities from the very start.

The major supporters of GEMS @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale regularly curate in other communities and at times we are supporting more outside the community.

I have been personally more focused on newcomers and there are only few initiatives who focus on new or undervalued authors leading to more user retention. I do regularly check recommendations by @theterminal and onboarded more than 15 users in collobaration with @rutablockchain.

Do you automatically get upvoted if you post in GEMS?

Definitely not, we manually curate all the posts and every post is upvoted after 5 minutes and sometimes after few hours. Its funny to see that some people still accuse us of curation snipping but irony is, I see them using delegated stake as trail vote to increase curation rewards on personal account. They just curation-snipe popular authors at 3 miutes and still call it curation.

There is no curation snipping happening at all even if we upvote outside the community(you can verify the stats for yourself on Beeme).

Are bid-bots still active on Hive?

There are no bid-bots on Hive. I don't know about others but I do know that @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale are not acting as bid-bots on Hive.

That's right, you can't put blame on bid-bots anymore but we should work together to build towards Hive blockchain.

Does every post get the support in GEMS?

No, some people are under false impression that if you post in GEMS then this is it. We manually curate each and every post, spam posts do not get any attention. There are few basic rules and if you follow them then there is a high chance that you might get supported but there is no 100% assurance for it.

Engagement Support

There is not much of traffic on Hive yet but this is just a start. Comments rewards significantly dropped after HF22. We will encourage users to engage more with others, so there is chance for your comment to get some support.

Its been one hell of a ride so far and I am sure you might be enjoying recent spike in price due to listing on Houbi and MXC. I want to congratulate you all on this wonderful development and we still have long way to go.

That is it for now, hoping to see you around more on Hive and I hope I have cleared up all of your major misconceptions.

Credit: @doze

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Thanks for clearing the air. I was never in the wagon of misconception on what you guys do. The mission statement of this community was clear to me from day one!

Thank you guys for all you do!

Good to know it was clear
You are welcome!

Hey, nice to see you here!

bro look over 5 GRAND in pending rewards now!


Wow-- they curate their hive community well.

I have a misconception about appreciator. I don't know I should say this but today when i was curating I stumbled upon this post. I am not a complainer and I don't complain I have a simple question from appreciated did I offend this service I am saying this because i noticed something while back when i was a hunter. Just want to clear if I did something wrong. I don't use Gems community for my post as i have a misconception they will never vote my post. Pardon if i said anything wrong don't wanna mess up with whales :P XD cheers

@bluemist I highly appreciated you backing our newcomers, we are helping 24/7 in the terminal and @heyhaveyamet. On the first of May we are starting the redfishrally again, all the newcomers are our future. So again to GEMS , @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale The support is very welcome and appreciated. The future is ours and we all have to do our utmost

You are always welcome, looking forward to see it start again

Hi @brittandjosie, could you please briefly explain what is redfishrally? What is it and who can participate in it? Thank you.

Hi isabel, its a help blogging program, during one month by discord the terminal. We allow people to groe in a group to 100 hive and a group to grow to 500 hive, and the rally will have challenges, contests and prizes. After the month we also give out delegations.

You have 177 hp and some liquid hive so you can apply and take part in the redfishrally500.
I am a team with my fellow staff member @justclickindiva so let one of us know if you want to be part of this great rally.

Yes of course @brittandjosie I would like, under your instructions because I don´t know about it. Thank you for your invite.

Come to Discord we as staff will help you get into the rally and you just have to use this free link 👉 The invitation link Is

Hi dear @brittandjosie.
You ladies do a beautiful job. Each participant of the rallyfish learn a lot. I am very happy enjoying my prize and if this were possible I would do the rally again.
thanks and a hug

It´s a very nice program, of Theterminal. I did it. Very very interesting, very productive and formative. And the people who host the show are really beautiful people, like @britandjosie
I recomended you do it from the next 1st. of May.

Thanks for your references and advice @mllg I know that they are all very good.


I second that @BrittAndJosie! @TheTerminal is doing some fine work on this blockchain.

Hello, i am new here,,
What about This community?

Gracias por apoyar a la comunidad hispanohablante de la colmena, seguiremos haciendo el buen trabajo.

De nada

This is good to know,I really appreciate you job on this blockchain. You are building a powerful value to social media.

Two words for you: THANK YOU. You really helped an unemployed amateur blogger earning a buck in the last months and especially during the lock down that really meant something. I appreciate you initiative a lot and I can only thank you again and congratulate you for curating with class and promoting and rewarding posts that have a little effort put. Keep up with the good work!

You are much welcome.

Simply put, you can't please everyone

Perfectly described

Hi @bluemist , Thanks for this post and clearing the misconceptions about GEMS community. By the way i don't have any misconception about gems Because good content always supported here by you. And newcomers are the future of hive and this is what you are targeting. Very good Contribution ♥ You guys are always rocks.

Thank you so much

I write this comment to thank you for your support. The authors feel valued. They are doing a good job. Hive's growth.

I appreciate that

I am very grateful to this community, this post is excellent as it clarifies some doubts, let's continue maintaining this beautiful environment in gems!

Thank you!

I've been trying to figure out how, exactly, the communities here on HIVE function. This helps a lot. Thanks for explaining and see you in a future Gems post. 👍👍

Looking forward to it

There is not much of traffic on Hive yet but this is just a start.

May be with the recent price hike, more people are going to onboard ?

Hopefully, yes

Decided to post in here to see how it goes.

The major supporters of GEMS @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale regularly curate in other communities and at times we are supporting more outside the community.

This is the truth as @rocky1 voted on a few of our posts in a different community.

Blessings to your work!

Thank you so much!

Only a pleasure my friend.
Already did today's post in Gems again and will try to post in there often.
Blessings and take care!

As far as I notice, there is more curation by these mighty actors outside GEMS than within it. stay tuned!

Time will tell my friend.

GEMS community became a top trending level this moment on Hive blockchain and past few days I've seen some people's posts got downvoted from another party. (Not everyone) I really appreciate GEMS community's current behavior because it expand beyond gems community's post. But when gems started level only curate this communities posts. But now every curators going over than gems.
But recent engagement support not enough to content creators than beneficial rewards. I already talked more about this manner. I made more comments those days and I believe those comments encouraged creators. In this time more people create more contents for earn rewards with price up. But only few people farming more on GEMS and then earn unlimited rewards. Within quarantine period I did same because other peoples encouraged me to create contents.

I knew you and other curators goes only for manual curation and only few people got auto curation. I have one question @bluemist, have you focus to curate limited vote or unlimited votes to content creators every single day?

No one has unlimited votes, so we try to distribute it more users with enough %

That's great to hear. Thanks for the answer.

Concerned to me, thanks for your support! :))
By the way, I like that electric banner eheheh.

You are welcome
I like it too :)

It seemed to me a very pedagogical and coherent way to call for the unification of criteria or at least to outline a great ecosystem in HIVE. The fact of getting significant votes in publications made in other communities sets a precedent and points the way to building the necessary integration to strengthen the pillars of this nascent Blockchain.

If your healing project did not exist, Hive would be an immense ocean with selective whales that shelter dolphins and other whales that are part of a school unsuitable for fry and juveniles that create quality content with the conviction of developing as they make their contributions.

The GEMS Community is an example of synchronized and objective work in the healing process. My recognition, gratitude and blessings to the entire team. Long life and success for this magnificent project.

Thank you so much for kind remarks

Tnx for the explanation

You are welcome

GEMS community is doing great work on the hive to bring quality content on the hive platform. In fact, I noticed that GEMS is a community where all topics are welcome provided the creator has put in extra efforts to draft. I could not find any low effort post supported and this is definitely a great move because people will avoid posting low effort content as they know its not going to help them.

Great work @bluemist Have a nice weekend.

Thank you for kind feedback

I am sure that gems are the best thing that has happened to many of us within the community. Thank you for all your support.

You are always welcome.

El apoyo a los nuevos usuarios es algo que no se consigue en todas las comunidades. Muchas gracias por explicar sus argumentos.

Great conclusion about Hive and of course now is HYPE for HIVE!
I hope so that we will have enough fuel to bring HIVE to another level more far than to the MOON or to the SUN!
Let's just explore HIVE to the new galactic!

I do hope the same

You couldn't have been clearer! You guys are doing a good job, I've actually witnessed the support you give to many publications without demanding that they be a thesis. And I thank you for the support you give to my publications on many occasions. Keep up the good work. I wish you much success and my support.

You are much welcome.

Hello dear friend @bluemist These are excellent news that deserve celebration, especially for the short term of the activity on the platform. It is worth noting that they support authors outside the community, it is motivating for people who do not receive the deserved attention. Congratulations to all the team and I wish you a wonderful weekend

Thank you so much

I'm glad to see the success "gems" has on hive. I also just joined the community and made my first post and I like meeting new people! Hoping only for the best 😊

That is kind of you, thanks

Thank you for all the hard work i have received support from appreciator even if im not posting on Gems and that is nice cause sometimes you just want to post in a more theme centric community i dont like the whole if you dont post in our community you will not get support and i feel Gems is done a good job staying out of that!

Exactly, everyone can do whatever they like

The best and only thing I can see in your post:

What were you talking about? Got lost sorry 🙄🤤

haha, thanks


Excellent post! I echoed it by re-blogging it. As a user of this and other communities, I can attest that every word here is an irrefutable reality. I have had the support of @appreciator both here and in other communities where I have published and received their support. My total gratitude!

You are much welcome!

Great and supported by the GEMS community @appreciator, @ rocky1 and @upmewhale excellent community, with various themes

Thank you

Great to hear about this and get informed a lot in details also.

What is still now clear to me is that those curating by auto curation in the community are they authorize to do so by the community mod

And also you mentioned some basic requirements earlier to get a chance of been curated. Can you tell me about those requirements.

What many people are still lacking to know is that for good content creator creating content daily, he or she needs some encouragement in form of upvote to encourage to keep going which will help a lot this I have noticed the gem community have been doing which is great to know even though I am still yet to partake in the manual curation by the gem community.

The sky is just the starting point for the gem community

About rules:
Just don't plagirize and try to be more creative

Gracias por la información cuando somos nuevos hay muchas cosas que no entendemos gracias por el apoyo soy una de los usuarios que llego por @rutablockchain ha sido una experiencia maravillosa, cada día aprendo más y tengo más ganas de quedarme y seguir trabajando, mi experiencia como nueva usuario ha sido gratificante siento que vale la pena quedarme encontré un lugar con contenido muy variado para todos los gustos además donde puedo aportar.

All I can say is: thanks for the support..!

Gif by @derangedvisions

Firma Fermionico_Mesa de trabajo 16-13.png

Estoy muy agradecida con la comunidad, me han ayudado en estos momentos dificiles y gracias por las aclaratorias.

You are much welcome.

Hello @bluemist. Thanks so much for your explanations of the GEMS Community. I enjoy being a part of it. I'm also happy to know that curation efforts are outside of the Community as well in recognizing great content. I'm glad to see that TheTerminal, who also helps new accounts to learn and grow through it's monthly Redfish Rally, is getting exposure in other communities.

Thanks for all you do for Hive.

Greetings, friends. We can only say thank you! You have helped the amateur bloggers in this time. I really appreciate your initiative and congratulate you for curating our effort to produce good content. Keep up the good work!

You are always welcome!

I think GEMS has been doing a very good job of supporting quality, underprivileged posts. My recognition and thanks. Greetings, @bluemist.

You are welcome

Thanks for this informative post! Newcomers like me are grateful for pointers and informative entries. There is a lot to digest, communities, crosspost, reblog, power up, power down, etc. And sometimes all that info can be overwhelming.

I understand, you can join @therterminal's discord to remove your confusion

The work done by the GEMS community is incredible and also done with transparency... You can be sure about that, @bluemist. Also, all the support offered by @appreciator, @rocky1 and @upmewhale is amazing!

Particularly speaking, I'm very grateful for all the help that I've been receiving from all of you (and the community in general). So, I hope you can help more and more users that bring quality to this group.

You are always welcome.

In order not to take much of your time... I just Wanna appreciator you guys for the support so far. You rocky✌ by upping us all into whales. #HiveOn 😉

You are welcome

I can testify that they are doing a correct healing work, I have seen many new users like me being supported in gems, also their presentation is supported, I think gems is very fair distributing healings. And I love to belong to this community, the diversity of content, I can see art, gaming, trips, excursions, stories, poems, recipes, the truth is an endless amount of content, and I love that, so no person is excluded. Keep up the good work, greetings.

Diverser set of content is what I like most
Thank you kind remarks

all the great curators play a fundamental role for the community, that is to look for content, often underestimated, and reward them.

You do a really good job.

Keep it up!

Thank you so much!

Thank you @bluemist for the explanation and kudos on the community you have formed!


You are much welcome

🎁 Hi @bluemist! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Furnace Town Heritage Site, Maryland With Market Friday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

I have no words to thank so much support from this great #gems community and its members @apprecciator @rocky1 and @upmewhale, motivating to increase the quality of publications.
Keep going.

You are much welcome

First of all, I personally must thank you very much for all the support you have given me so far in my content and in my blog in general, personally before the creation of hive it had been a very difficult day for me, but thanks to you Already this community and the support of its curators every day I try to improve my content more, and I have even been able to help new users teach them how everything related to blockchain works and I have also achieved that users who had abandoned blockchain a long time ago.

have come back and are trying to improve their content, I know this is only the beginning of great things and projects, and I hope someday to be able to provide a great help to users from me as much as you have given me, thanks to you every day my projects keep moving forward and taking better shape, and I hope that all of this only leads us to much bigger things than we are achieving, again much Thank you for all the support you give me, and for the excellent work you are doing in this community, greetings and many successes for everyone. The best has only just begun from now on, All of this has made a drastic change in my life for good and I couldn't be more excited about the direction things are taking. hive on ❗🐻🐝🎮🚀⚡

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Hope to see you grow some more

You are always welcome


Chiming in with @brittandjosie; we take helping others at #theterminal very seriously, but still also have a positive family vibe. You seem to have that same positive mindset. Refreshing to see... and again, appreciate the shoutout!

You are guys are doing a great job

Dear @bluemist:

Generally speaking I love your community. The spectrum of appreciation in curation process is quite wide, this indicates that there is great diversity in this community. This is reflected in the large number of active posters.

Personally I have not been successful with my GEMS posts. However my two brothers and a large number of friends always receive upvote from @appreciator. I'm glad for their good luck.

I say goodbye not without first congratulating you for the great work that you have been doing for months, even before the creation of GEMS.

Your friend, Juan.

Keep giving your best because dedication is the key

Thank you for kind remarks

I will continue to give my best effort.
Thank you very much for your encouraging words.

Enjoying the bump and may the ride continue!

It does feel great

Interesante la información. Gracias por informar y aclarar dudas, buen trabajo

With the price of hive appreciating we could see the influx of users again. @bluemist

I hope so

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