I became an Orca on my 3 year Hive Birthday! 52,000 HP!

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Earlier today I received this notification from @hivebuzz.
To my surprise it has already been 3 whole years since I started on Steem with Hive now becoming my new home! This marks 3 years of an incredible journey, there have been highs and there have certainly been lows. I hope now that we as a community have moved over to what seems like a better place (Talking about Hive) we can build up and become better than Steem ever was.

As some of you may know I powered down my Steem and stopped posting a while ago now. I did not like the way Steem was headed nor did I like Steemit inc themselves. The environment was toxic and Steemit inc seemed to be making no progress. This all lead to me selling most of my stake and leaving.

Today as you can tell by this post I am clearly on Hive and am dedicated to it so much so that today I have also reached the milestone of 52,000 HP between a few of my accounts! I am now an Orca!


This was not even planned so it was just a coincidence but that was great timing!Hopefully next year I will be over 100k HP that is my next target so let's see if I can do it. Let me know when you all joined and if you know when your Hive birthday is let me know!


Congratulation....👍 Reaching a new height. And 3 years is quite good time...hope to see you continue for many more years to be a whale sooner...52k does matter...💪

Welcome to Orcahood! it does fly fast doesn't it?

Happy Hive Birthday @btcvenom