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Greetings to all users of this platform, today I will share with you a news that as a Venezuelan and Zulian that I am fills me with great pride and it is that a citizen who lives in Maracaibo Zulia state, Venezuela, designed a handcrafted electric car, this vehicle comes to contribute to the environment and especially that is made with handmade material which makes it very economical.

Everyone hears in the news of different countries about the great advances that have been presented in the vehicle world, these advances are not only on aerodynamic designs of the vehicle but also in the ability to not generate CO2 which is the main cause of pollution in the world. Many countries in Europe and the United States have electric or natural gas vehicles that help minimize the environmental impact that is destroying our planet. For example, the billionaire Elon Musk with his company Telsa designs very modern electric vehicles but these vehicles are very expensive, that is to say they are inaccessible for many people.


Here in Venezuela personally I have only seen hybrid vehicles, that is to say, they use gasoline and natural gas, and as far as electric vehicles are concerned I have only seen motorcycles, but I have not seen electric cars yet. That is why I want to share with you this news that I got today and it is about a Venezuelan who lives in Maracaibo Zulia state which with a group of friends designed handcrafted electric vehicles and which in turn are powered by solar energy, these cars are very safe and economical but most importantly do not pollute the environment.

The idea of designing these vehicles was due to the crisis that Venezuela is going through with the fuel issue, so said Augusto Pradelli who is the ingenious person who decided to start this project. This is how Caribes Carros was born, a great handcrafted project of urban mobility with which, according to Pradelli, many people can stop thinking about the fuel situation and also contribute to the care of the environment. Undoubtedly this is a breakthrough that presents important solutions to the fuel crisis, but also contributes to take care of our environment.

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Buen dia, que bueno nos podría dar mas información, son noticias que se deben de conocer, un venezolano

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