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Gone are those days when people rely on their parents or relatives for total support,this days things have changed,even students are making money,why do you think people after 4-6 years of spending in school now come to say that school is a scam after graduation.

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Now it's no longer all about school,whether you are a graduate or not,don't get me wrong,am not saying that going to school is a waste of time,but apart from your course of study what else can you offer?

Your skill will take you much higher than what you learnt in school as long as you know what you are doing, presently there are different online courses you can enroll in,both free and paid,when you enroll into a free class,you would mostly get to know the basics of what you want to learn,when you finally identify your niche,you can pay to learn more, remember the quote, " Use money to gain more money".

Never stay idle, remember the saying, " an idle man is the devil's workshop",it is more rewarding to get busy and productive that way you would be earning something weekly,it doesn't matter how much but start from somewhere and do not despise the days of little beginning,every big person you see out there started from somewhere.

So if you are yet to get a skill that is paying you weekly or a side hussle,the time is now because the way the way the economy is going, everyone needs to be on top of their game. If you are yet to,it's never too late,all that matters is your determination.

In my next post,I would be sharing some online skills/ businesses you can venture into to help you gain some stability in your finances.

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