Splinterlands Challenge: My friend Rexxie!

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Here we are at another great challenge organized by @splinterlands, the now most famous card game in the whole blockchain! This time the theme is the beautiful Rexxie dinosaur, a great monster whose cards are under the wing of the summoner Earth and is an excellent resource to draw on in challenges where the mana limit is tight and we must deploy an offensive card respectable!


Here is the link to my battle

Now I will explain how and why I decided to deploy my playing cards:

Position 1: Rexxie


It is an excellent attack card (well +4) and a fair number of life points (6) but it has proved to be really successful in my battle, having even dodged a Goblin attack and avoided a damage of 4 life points ! Low mana makes this monster strategic and successful.

Position 2: Earth Elemental


Very interesting card because it has an excellent defense with 6 life points and a +1 melee attack. I deploy this card very often when I use the Earth summoner because it guarantees me to cushion possible attacks in second position.

Position 3: Wood Nymph


In my battles I always try to insert a card with healing power. Nymph, in addition to healing the card in first position, launches magic attacks +1, and d is a determining element for my victories.

Position 4: Creeping Ooze


His ability to slow down opponents is central to any player's strategy. Playing in advance can guarantee victory even in the event of an array of less powerful cards than the opponent.

Position 5: Fourious Chicken


Inevitable my hen that with its feathery strength guarantees me protection from attacks in the last row. I love it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

If you have not yet signed up for Splinterlands, I invite you to try. You can use my [referreal link] (https://steemmonsters.com?ref=claudio83)


Nice but-kicking there!

I was confused when you said Rexxie was 'low mana'... but really, compared to other cards that now are 12 mana he's pretty good (especially in low levels) for that 7 cost.
I love using him in low levels, but often DO opt for the Goblin Mech (it's that armor!).
Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you 🙏 yeah mana is lower than Goblin for example. A great card in low levels ✌️

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Nice team! Super Rexxie! I love him!😀✌️