Daily Thoughts Log: Gratefulness

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Daily Thoughts Log


Today I think I need to practice being grateful. Since I was incredibly ill I thought for so long days like this would never come to be, but here I am living life again and I'm so grateful. Unfortunately I have some battles to fight but life is much easier now and much more clear. I've always been one to set goals and I've never set a goal I haven't achieved.

Practicing gratitude is a way to release the love hormone, Oxytocin. Hormones are powerful and alter the way your body reacts to traumatic events. But you can also train your body over time and one way of doing this is with gratitude. I'm so grateful to be alive but more importantly I'm happy to be able to have happy memories with my son.

Christmas Time is Almost Here

The best present I will have is seeing my son. Since I was sick I went a few months without seeing him and last Christmas I was too unwell to even remember. I'm so grateful to have survived such a traumatic set of circumstances but now I am 100% and living the life I've always wanted. Which is being the best Dad I can be to my son.

I'm much farther along and I look forward to making so many memories. My focus for my son and the future holidays is to build a strong bond with friends and family. I read that the best thing to do is practice forgiveness and that's something I will strive for as well. Maybe in this giving season the animosities between families can be set aside and we can think about the memories our kids will have instead.

So cheer up my brothers and live in the sunshine, live in God's light.

My Rock

In the bible there is a story we all know about David and Goliath. A simple rock took down a giant. This is a great metaphor for life and God provides us all a rock to take on our greatest challenges. My rock is the love I have for my son and nothing can falter that relationship I have with him.

I often think about what I want in life and what my purpose is. Since I was sick, I was so scared that I would miss out and my rock would break. But a rock cannot be broken easily. It's so amazing to feel the love my son has for me after the break we had. It's so amazing to see a child's joyful forgiveness.

I will always remember though that nothing lasts forever. This goes both ways, whether it's the good times or the bad. We ride out the lows to enjoy the highs in life, otherwise we would all live in paradise and we are not prepared for that.

Well that's all I have to say about gratitude for today. I hope everyone can consider their rock and be grateful for that.

Have a blessed day.


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