HIVE, give me one chance, and I'm sorry for my mistakes! Please remove me from the blacklist (

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Hi HIVE! I would like to address you as understanding people! I ask you to listen to my story. I will try to be brief so as not to waste time.

So, in fact, I have only two accounts to which I have access. The first is @yakubenko, I started it all a couple of tapes back. I sent my photos, my drawings. My one mistake is my not knowing the rules. Of course, you say, “Ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility” ... I drew several portraits of the model, and did not ask for their permission. But this is not theft. I drew them, I tried. I did not know what to ask of them. After all, I thought that if I do not use their photos, then permission is not needed. Now I am in the know. And every time I draw a picture from a photo from the Internet I provide a source. But now it's not about this error. And about the mistake that I made several years ago.
in my country it was difficult to register on the Steemit website, and besides, I did not know how to do it. It is one thing to register here and another thing to withdraw your rewards.
One guy wrote me a contact that sells pages on Steemit, we have paid them. I replied that it wasn’t necessary, I wasn’t sure that he would give me passwords, and I didn’t believe that there were any good rewards, and as I said this site seemed too sophisticated for me, it was hard to figure it out here.
Then this guy (Arthur) offered me another deal. I send him my photos and when he displays the awards he will share with me. I agreed, because it seemed to me that I did not lose anything, I did not have to pay anything, and besides, I could refuse to send him my photos at any time.
That's how he led the page in my name. But only on this page he exhibited not only my photographs.
Only Arthur contacted me, no other people contacted me. I think that all his other accounts are the same people as me.

Then I banned the use of my photos when I saw that Arthur was blogging on my behalf and sending not only my photos. Arthur sent me money, it was not a large amount, but since I was studying this money helped me, no one would refuse extra pocket money.

Then I registered myself at Steemit. So my first account on Steemit @ yakubenko appeared. This time I figured it out myself, although it was very difficult.

These are my mistakes that cannot be erased. But if you take the time back, I would change everything. If I knew that there was someone who would turn to ask for help and tell me how to get everything here, how to send everything, then I would never agree with the deal with Arthur.

Forgive me for my mistakes! Give me a chance to submit my work, create high-quality, original content! I promise that you will never see more mistakes from me! If you suddenly see that I made a mistake (although this will not happen) then I will leave the site forever and will not bother you again.

I know that it’s stupid and bad that I worked with Arthur, but I didn’t know that he was stealing a photo, I thought if everyone gives him permission to use their photo, then everything is fine. But now I understand that it’s better not to do that.

There is no excuse for my mistake, for my act. But if you gave me one chance, I would try to fix it and show how I feel about you and the site.

In one way, I myself suffered at the hands of Arthur, because only then I figured out the rewards how much he actually earned. But I do not ask for condolences! It’s my fault, my stupidity has led to this.

One chance! I beg! thank you for listening to me. I hope for your understanding! Please remove me from the blacklist

@GuiltyParties [.com] Please. I am so sorry!


Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

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i think u need to make new account now

No, I do not want to hide. I want to be sincere with everyone.
I can stand it) I'm glad that I have a chance) thanks for being here)

ok as u wish

Arthur is a good friend of your husband Yan Artamonov, its not a stranger.