Ship ⛵️ (canvas 90x70 см)

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Ship ⛵️ (canvas 90x70 cm)
Hello my good ones! 😊 I don’t have any thoughts what to write in a post) here is not at all like on Instagram 🙈😂 Well, help me more)) What to write? 😂 By the way, my large-scale - Ship ⛵️⚓️
In the process of creating the post, thoughts come themselves) This is my first picture of such a massive size. I used to write on small canvases, especially when I just started writing with acrylic. It was hard for me, as they say, there was no place to roam, it was not convenient to make a smooth transition, it was so hard for beginners, and for those who decided to try new material. Many who advised me are not afraid and try on a large canvas. And so I bought a canvas 90x70. This canvas stood for more than a week, and I was even afraid to look at it so that you would understand the difference and “what’s scary, well, the canvas is just bigger”, and so most often I wrote on canvas 20x20cm and there is a canvas I’m used to 20x20 cm and thunder 90x70 cm))) do you feel the difference?)
And then came the day when I nevertheless budged a huge canvas, and with difficulty painted the underpainings))) Then everything went much easier than I tuned in. Of course it was a long, hard work, but I did it) I could not even imagine how artists paint pictures for example 2 by 2 meters. I don’t know if I can try to write on a 2 by 2 meter canvas, or at least something close to this size), but I can say for sure that now I don’t really want to go back to a canvas of 20x20 cm format)))
I think the formats 40x50, 50x60, 60x70, 70x80 are the most suitable formats for me, besides a picture of this size is much easier to place in your house)
Thank you all for taking a moment and stopping by me)


The ship painted on this photo: 

I wish you all success!

I will be glad to see you!


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