On going from Palmsunday to the suffering and to the life of Easter!

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You know, that little child called Jesus Christ grew up, and he shown us honor!
He was an adult person, and he did miracles and wonders no human can ever do,
We should be compassionate and loving, and we can do that in the winter, spring, autumn and in the summer! That our lives were saved in that Christ rose from the dead, in our shoe!
We should love life and our fellow human beings,
Life is too short to put hate on the agenda, and when we are died we are like being in sewings!

Maria anointed Jesus’ feet with nard ointment,
That was six days before Easter in Bethany when there was an arrangement!
That Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey!
We can think of us as being a monkey!
The Palmsunday is Jesus riding like a king of the earth!
We can believe it with the scream from the people with and without skirt!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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