On making satisfaction on all the winter sport places in the world; The case of Hovden in Setesdal!

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You know, we should give our best efforts to any places where we are working, and we should love the people we are meeting, and the winter sport places are famous and popular, and we can go skiing as much as we just want, and we can take the trips just as we imagine and think about, and there are many people to know, and people are coming from different places in the world, and they want to enjoy the pleasure and the meaning of life in new places, and in places where they have been before.

You know, taking your own responsibility in life is nice, and we can lace up the bag and fasten the shoes, and there are many trips that can be taken in the mountain, and I recommend people to do skiing between Bjaaen and Geiskelid or between Bjaaen and Hovden, and these thrips are wonderful, and we can take them while the sun is shining, and we are appreciating the good weather and the good relations to any times while we are here on the planet.

You know, Hovden is a nice place in the valley called for Setesdal, and we can go skiing, and we can run on slalom skis or whatever on the ski slope, and these activities are open for anyone being engaged with pleasure and meaning and convenience in the life, and we should always make praying and thank the governing of our lives with experiences, and there must be some forces in life making the life, and giving messages and strengths to how the life is and to how we are making perception in the life, and life is to perceive and to be perceived, and that is in all places, also when being on trips in the mountains.

You know, ski lifts and well-groomed slopes, that is about the reality when coming to these winter sport places, and we can also relax in the thermal arc, and this is how we are framing our brains when being out there, and we are going skiing when trying to be out there and with enjoying the nature from time to time, and we should just make sensible and good relations, and everything else should be ignored if we are not loving the individual and the social affairs, and we should make the work as good as we can, and we should be precisely when being in the life.

Hovden is the largest destination with skiing in the Southern part of Norway, and that is within the county called for agder, and we find a modern alpine centre, creative terrain park and miles with cross-country trials in majestic high mountains nature, there are good possibilities for accommodation, and Hovden is offering you 170 km of cross-country trials, and these trails are prepared daily, and there is much to like with Hovden, but the best thing is to be out in the human nature in the nature when the sun is shining, and we can make any creative attempt and any analysis just as we feel comfortable about understanding and organizing the life.

You know, the name Hovden is coming from a name on a farm, when being farmers, and this farm is located south from the mountain called for Hovdenuten. And therefore, the name Hovden came from a hill in the landscape, and that is what we perceive of this place today, and we can walk and run where we want with skiing efforts, and we should be careful to move too much outside, if there is bad weather. And that is the situation in any places around the blue planet, also when we are having the situations with too much snow, and we are getting snow when we do not like it, and when we do not appreciate the snow when it comes, and sometimes we also like the snow, and that is the same or the different lessons for any people to any times.

And when we are out in the open landscape and in the nature with skiing, we like oranges cocoa and chocolates, and some even like the cup of coffee, and you know we like what we like, and we are humans with different needs around the whole planet, and therefore we find many of the same activities in the nature everywhere.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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Must be fun doing skiing with family and friends...I have never seen snow though. I don't think ice skating rinks that I saw are made of snow 😅. I just have a thought, maybe snow will make me fall asleep. I should lower the temperature of my AC 😄

Hehe 😃

looks like a lot of fun,
I've never been to the snow, I hope to go one day, 😃