Another MCO grocery run

in GEMS2 years ago

Went out for another grocery run this morning. I try to keep these outings to a minimum by buying as much groceries as possible everytime I go. Nonetheless some stuffs such as green vegetables can't last very long, so I can't exactly stockpile them.


Before MCO, I never had to queue in front of a supermarket half an hour before it opens, but that seems to be the norm now for many people. The picture above, taken 5 minutes before the supermarket opens, shows just the customers queued in front of me, behind me there is a much, much longer queue.

Some people arrived in couples or worse, in groups. This is explicitly prohibited under MCO, but to this day some people still think rules don't apply to them.

I grabbed about RM300 worth of goods (roughly 70 bucks in USD), hopefully enough to last at least until the end of the MCO's 3rd phase which ends on the 28th of April.

I was hoping to buy some fresh fruits on my way home, only to find that my usual fruit stall has been shut down by the authorities and the goods confiscated. Part of the restrictions under MCO was that only businesses involved in essential services are allowed to operate, I guess the fruit stall did not fall into any of those categories.


While I hope that things would go back to normal after MCO is lifted, this is unlikely. Everything that happened in the last 4 months will have a lasting effect to our socioeconomy for years to come. I guess we'll just have to brace ourselves for change and midst these uncertain times, perhaps we could actually force ourselves to make some changes in our life for the better.