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RE: Walpurgis Nacht (30th April) and Beltane (1st of May) celebrations, myths, legends and folklore | Mitos, leyendas y folklore sobre la noche de Walpurgis (30 de Abril) y Beltane (1 de Mayo) | [ESP-ENG]

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What's up!!!

Happy Beltane to you my favourite witch!! I liked the japanese song, really beautiful!



shh don't tell anyone but I'm no witch, maybe a wizard... wizard..esss? LOL hhahaha a guardian of Nature :) thanks so much and blessed Beltane too :) how are those videos going?
you know I don't know why recently I remembered about our spontaneous rainbow duet, I'm so sad noone recorded it hahah aww
anyway, until we cross our paths again :)

I don't mind being a wizard too haha. Videos are being slow, I had too many things to do lately, with the kids homeschool, the dogs, the farm, aaaaaahhh, not time to do anything, that's sad!

I would love to try to record something with you, I also know how busy you are, and how currently unreliable I am hahah, must be armed with patience... Take care my friend ^^

aww sounds lovely though the farm, and I saw you have reunited with your dogs that makes me so happy. Take care you too

Thanks ^^, hopefully you will see them one day, and hopefuly they won't try to eat your funfuccis! (that's not how you write it)

hahah :) you guessed right , It's "fufunchis"
The Wind , The Branch and The Spell
(Tuula, Ritva and Taika) at least those are the plushies you saw. It's been a while they crossed the rainbow bride but they appear in every single one of my videos since. I have not doubts I'll have more ratties in the future but once life is more settled.

I have not doubts I'll have more ratties in the future but once life is more settled

Me too, and the kids always ask for either a rat, a guinea pig or a rabbit!
We do have mice sometimes running around, it's the country life afterall. I saw a deer yesterday while running through the forest with the dogs, then lost my latest state of the art phone 😁 ahahah


If you get ratties remember you need to get more than one (same gender) they need companions of their own species, they're quite amazing